February 27 – Day 3 – Highbourne Cay to Staniel Cay.

Another beautiful day here in the Exumas. Jason pulled up anchor and we were off at 06:20. We ate breakfast enroute today and it wasn’t too rough. No sea sickness today and no need for gravol. Jib was out and we were making good time. The engine water temperature is still running high but today not as bad. We only had to keep the locker open to let air down in around the engine. Of course, none of this was of any concern to Elle, as you can see, our littlest one is easy peasy when it comes to sleeping. Such a doll!

While she was sleeping, Mommy and Daddy took the boys to the bow for some sun and to watch for turtles and dolphins. (and to get some selfies with Amber’s new selfie stick) I snapped one of them enjoying their cruise aboard Persuasion. How cute are they?

The boys enjoyed a sucker while Elle was sleeping, so when she got up, Amber said she would let her one. Her first time with a sucker…..looks like she is enjoying it, eh?

After she entertained herself quite awhile with the tie for our hanging shower bag, which by the way, works great. Meanwhile the boys watched a movie on the computer while Mommy did a few exercises. After awhile, cutie wanted to come down and see what the boys were watching.

After lunch, we had some excitement. Mike noticed a couple dolphins beside us. We all rushed to see. At first they appeared to stay beside us but realizing how many times we have seen them frolic in the wake at the bow of boats, we got lifejackets on the kids and headed to the bow.

And these two put on a show for us. They were right in the waves at the bow and the boys were so excited to see them swimming back and forth. One went on ahead but the other stayed and entertained us. We could actually see some scars on his back and his blow hole. Now that was alot of excitement aboard Persuasion!

Before we put cutie to bed for her afternoon nap, she had a bath. Hey, you make do with what you have on a boat. An old dishpan did the trick just fine.

Tayton and mommy went back up on dolphin duty. None spotted but they enjoyed the sun. Here he was telling me how neat it was seeing the dolphins swim. Amber said “I grew up with my legs dangling over the side of a boat and now my kids are doing the same”.

And by 13:50 we had the anchor down in Staniel Cay. Actually the anchorage was right across from Big Major, famous for the pigs that swim out to meet you looking for food. Mike and Jason lowered the dinghy so we could go in and feed the pigs. And right away, we had more excitement. A seaplane was coming in and we saw it land.

The pigs are so noisy, especially the baby ones.

They are so funny, as the dinghies and small boats get close to shore, they swim right up, looking for food. While we there, the plane took off again and we saw a couple of manta rays, one huge one.

The pigs head back to shore until another boat arrives. Neat to see the little hoof marks in the sand.

We then dinghied down to the next beach so the kids could play and swim. (Not good to swim there with the pigs around and lots of poop in the water too). Easton called this the scary beach. We think because he heard some rustling in the trees from the wind. Jason found a hermit crab while snorkelling, which we watched trail off into the water. We all had a great time.

And when it was time to go, Elle had fallen asleep standing in the dinghy with Grampie keeping the sun off her (and him) and on the short motor back to the boat, Easton fell asleep in my arms and Tayton fell asleep over the bow of the dinghy. I’m telling you, these kids are just like all of ours were, they could sleep anywhere. Elle stayed asleep on the cockpit cushion for a bit too.

A short while later when we were in the boat getting supper started, Mike said “there are sharks out here by the boat”. He said it so calmly that we thought he was teasing. Well he wasn’t. Two nurse sharks right beside the boat. The boys thought that was so cool, as Easton says. They stayed around for quite awhile too as we watched.

Well, that was one great day. Amber and I mentioned after lunch that seeing the dolphins was the highlight of the day. But then came the seaplane, pigs, manta rays, nurse sharks and to top it off a beautiful calm night on the water. Jason snapped this shot with our camera of the sun going down in the anchorage. Just another day in paradise!

Today we travelled 42 nm

Note:  As you can see, we are very far behind on the blog. Sarah and James left on the 14th and we are now back in the Abicos. We will try our best to get caught up quickly. Thank you everyone for your patience and comments. Marlene and Monica, we so enjoyed having the kids visit and Nelse your comment on keeping the blog up from memory is appreciated. Having lots of photos helps, as you well know. I can’t wait to get online with some good internet, grab a coffee or two and get caught up on your guys adventures from the past year.

2 thoughts on “February 27 – Day 3 – Highbourne Cay to Staniel Cay.

  1. Yay, another update!!!!! I couldn’t track you guys on the AIS so was wondering if you made it back to the Abicos. I appreciate your blog so much, I know how much work it is, I am very thankful!!! I think I may just need to print out the posts from our trip to put in a little memory book! Love you guys xoxo


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