February 26 – Day 2 – Rose Island to Highbourne Cay

Everyone was up early. I forgot to mention in yesterday’s blog that we were all in bed by 19:30 last night. The kids were up by 03:00 as their taxi came for them at 04:00. Although the boys thought it was neat to be up in the middle of the night, it made for a long day for them. Their flight was at 06:30 to Toronto and I guess they were running through the airport to catch the connecting flight to Nassau.

The kids slept very well.   Cutie was in the V-berth with Amber and Jason and that made for a crappy sleep for them. Jason had a headache yesterday when he arrived. We got that fixed up with drinking lots of water and Advil. But had another one this morning. We think from lack of sleep. lol Looks like he finally got some this morning until cutie woke up and the boys climbed in.

We weighed anchor and were on our way at 07:15 with cutie waiting for Grampie at the helm. Then when the boys came up to the cockpit, she thought she would help them for awhile.

We were in some rolly waves for awhile and the engine was overheating. We took the stairs off in front of the engine and ran a fan on the engine. We also put the companionway door in to keep everyone in the cockpit.

We didn’t think the water was going to be too rough so we only gave the kids gravol after their breakfast and it wasn’t long before Easton felt sick. And he was all over Jason. Just before we managed to get the bucket under him. Not long after cutie was uncomfortable and even though she was sitting on Amber, and we tried to catch her mess, some of it went on Jason. Poor guy! Tayton seemed to be ok. Jason wasn’t feeling the greatest, no wonder. lol. But they all managed to get a little sleep. And woke up feeling much better.

After lunch, Mommy and Daddy had a much needed nap.

While the little ones were having a great time with Grampie. Thank goodness for the autopilot.

And we were anchored by 13:45. Mike and Jason lowered the dinghy. Jason stayed on board with cutie so she could nap. Mike took us all to shore. “More sand”, Easton said. It is wonderful seeing him so happy at the beach.

Tayton ran with his mom on the beach. And did some lunges with her too. It’s nice to have a personal trainer on Persuasion. 🙂 She brought me some resistance bands and taught me a few things too.

It was a windy day. Mike had taken the dinghy over to a beach on the other side and came back to tell us that it was calmer there. However, because of the shallow water, we couldn’t take the boat over. We would have to take another couple of hours to go out and come in from a different way.   Even though it was windy, everyone enjoyed the waves. And here is Persuasion sitting pretty at anchor.

After our exercises, we dingied back to see if cutie was up. She was, so we left Mike to nap and then we all went to check out the other beach. It was much calmer in there for sure, as you can see. And yes, more digging to be done by the boys.

There was swimming and relaxation. After the rough start to the day with the sea sickness, it was wonderful to see everyone enjoying the sun and sand.

After washing the sand off all the little ones and supper, we watched the sun disappear as another perfect day came to a close. These Bahamian sunsets are just gorgeous.

Today we travelled 35.1 nm.

3 thoughts on “February 26 – Day 2 – Rose Island to Highbourne Cay

  1. What a priceless and precious blog. So happy for all of you and all of us to be able to share it with you. Happy sailing!


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