February 25 THEY HAVE ARRIVED Nassau to Rose Island

NOTE: As we write this, it is Wednesday, March 4. The kids left today after a fun filled full week of sun and loads of adventure. Tayton surely enjoyed his “venture around the world on the boat”, as he calls it.   All Easton had waited for was to play in the sand, and it was more than he could have imagined, it seemed. Elle just wanted to be cuddled and be her sweet self. They were all extremely good and each one of them slept when tired. It was not unusual to see them sleeping in the cockpit, any of the salon seats, even when we were in the dinghy going back to the boat, they would fall asleep. I’m sure Amber and Jason will be exhausted after the plane trip home but we are thankful for their visit. Because of the great visit, we did not work on the blog while they were here. We also took over 700 photos too! We will try our best to get caught up but we are getting ready for more family. Sarah and James come on Friday, the 6 until the 14th ! Hooray!! That gives us a 2 day turn around, so with laundry, grocery shopping and Mike has to do some maintenance on Persuasion, I can’t promise how many blogs will get done.

Today is the 6th and we finally have day 1 of Amber’s visit ready to upload. May have time to get another one done as Sarah and James’s flight was delayed this morning via Charlotte, North Carolina to here so they departed late and are now flying from Ottawa to Fort Lauderdale with a 5 hour layover before they board for Nassau. 😦 They get in at 18:20 now instead of 13:30.

So here we go…..let’s continue on with the February 25 blog.

Today’s the day! Day 1 of Amber, Jason and the grandkids visit. We were up early and after breakfast, Mike hosed the salt off the boat and scrubbed the deck and cockpit. I washed out the water tanks before we filled them and oops, I knocked the lid of one down behind the tank. And it went right under the tank. No way to reach it! Shoot! The only way to get it out, was to remove the whole tank. So, Mike got to work getting that out. You know how you wanted to see work onboard Richard, well here you go. lol. Actually, you will see alot more life onboard with the grandkids here.

Here is some shots of Mike getting it all back together. Just in time to head up and wait for the kids to arrive at 12:30. So exciting. Elle was climbing over everyone in the taxi van to get to Grampie.

And off we go to the boat!

We got settled and after a Starbucks and a few things at the grocery store, we shoved off the dock at 13:30. It didn’t take the kids long to get their sea legs and used to the boat again.

We only had a short motor today, 6 nm so we ate lunch as we motored over to Rose Island. We went on the north side of the Island today because of the winds. Tayton was ready to go ashore!

They too, were amazed at the turquoise water. First load ready to go ashore!

The beach on this side of the Island was so beautiful. As the Captain says “We waited 8 months for this piece of paradise” and it truly was.

As I mentioned earlier, playing in the sand was what Easton had waited for so long. He and Tayton sure enjoyed the beach.

Loved seeing Elle’s (cutie’s) tracks in the sand. She sure made a lot of them, carrying the sand bucket like it was her purse. What fun they had!

Tayton and Easton found “evidence” of birds around too. Oh how they love to say that word.

It was like having our own private Island. No one else was on the beach. The boys had fun exploring the beach.

Soon it was time to head back to Persuasion but before the boys could get onboard, they had a swim beside the boat to get rid of some of the sand.

Jason barbequed and we had a great supper. It was a memorable first day of the kids enjoying the Bahamas. And to make it even better, we could see the sun starting to set over Nassau and Atlantis in the distance.

Today we travelled 6.3 nm.

3 thoughts on “February 25 THEY HAVE ARRIVED Nassau to Rose Island

  1. This brings tears to my eyes just thinking back to our days together, so blessed to have experienced such an amazing adventure!!


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