February 24 Rose Island to Nassau

It was a warm night and a heavy dew this morning with very thick fog.

However we could see the bottom so clearly.

Look at the clarity in 9 feet of water. We saw 3 red starfish, one quite a distance from the boat and one white one.

The sun was trying to break through the fog as we continued to watch the stillness of the water. We could trace our anchor to where it rested on the bottom and we could actually see the starfish moving. The grandkids are going to love seeing all these creatures. Makes me miss Margie not being able to be here to see them. She so loves the beach. šŸ˜¦

It sure was a calm, beautiful morning and as Mike wiped the dew from the enclosure and windows, we knew it was going to be a scorcher today. A bit later as the fog started to lift, Mike saw an arch of a cloud, much like a rainbow has. It may be a bit hard to tell in the photo.

We weighed anchor at 10:05. The fog was still lingering and we saw that the family from Sudbury was already in the water swimming.

The Sandy Toes water taxi had quite a few tourists or employees on board today. Further along by Athol Island, we noticed a couple of dive boats with lots of people in the water. But this huge catamaran full of people really made us take notice. We thought it may have been a dive school.

We could see a bridge in the distance with 4 cruise ships on the west side of the harbour. We were entering the harbour on the east side. No matter what direction you are entering from, you must hail the Nassau Harbour Control, state your vessel name, registration and last port of call before you are allowed in the harbour. It was a hazy, hot day, in the 80’s but as we motored in, we could see lots of condos, beautiful homes and of course Atlantis.

We saw this little tour boat in the harbour and thought the grandkids would like it.

And wow, we could really see the size of the cruise ships as we got closer.

We had a reservation at the Nassau Harbour Club Resort and Marina so radioed ahead to get our slip number. We got all settled on the dock at 11:15. They charge for water here, as most marinas do. It is potable though and only $6.00/day so we will fill up the tanks and wash the salt from the boat tomorrow.

The sailboat beside us is from Oshawa. They also have a condo with a slip in Freeport so spend their winters here in the Bahamas and summers in Oshawa. Their daughter left yesterday and they are having a friend come onboard today. We had a great chat.

The marina is a bit run down but they are rebuilding and workers were busy. We had showers and then did some laundry. Here are some shots of the grounds. The resort rooms are on the left of the docks and there is a fresh water pool, and a barbeque pit. The good thing about this marina is that you just have to walk up the stairs and through theĀ Ā  doors to the main street which has a plaza and Starbucks. Life is good!

There was a BTC in the plaza. And since this one is franchise owned, they weren’t on strike. We got our iPad SIM card in and then off to Starbucks for coffee and to upload some blogs.

No time for sightseeing around Nassau today. Maybe next week. We finished our laundry, and busied ourselves getting ready for the kids tomorrow. Just 1 more sleep! Hooray!! We will not be updating when the kids are here. As Tayton says “We get to go with you and Grampie on your venture around the world” And we will enjoy all the hugs and kisses and smiles while we venture down the Exumas with them. Blogs and lots of photos will be uploaded when they leave to go back to the snow and cold in Canada.

3 thoughts on “February 24 Rose Island to Nassau

  1. So enjoying your blog Mae and Mike. I appreciate the many hours you have invested organizing photos and writing about your travels from memory. What a wonderful way to help remember back to the things you have done and people you have met.
    Enjoy the kids…I’m sure you will. Looking forward to hearing more after they have visited.


  2. Just got caught up on the posts that we missed while being away. We already want to go back!! It was such an incredible vacation! Enjoy your time with toad and james. Love you guys! xoxo


  3. Ahh yes, the Nassau Harbour Club Resort and Marina… I stayed there in 1981 (I think) for a week. It was getting run down then. We had lots of fun though.


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