February 23 Rose Island

It was a very quiet night in here. And this morning was beautiful. We noticed a small fishing boat that came in before sundown. It was from Quebec, named Bacardi. We had seen this boat in Annapolis. and talked to the owner, a young man, he was taking his small dog to shore. He and his girlfriend had taken a year off and after the power boat show in Annapolis, they were heading for the Bahamas. I just caught the end of their boat as they left this morning. I would have liked to talk to them again. Nice that people are realizing and living their dreams.

After breakfast and some blogging, we lowered the dinghy and went ashore. There is a beautiful sandy beach.

Then we went for a little hike. Mike noticed the tracks of a snake that had been slithering in the sand. I hoped we wouldn’t see it in and around the rocks. There is a lot of rock here, like lava rock. It is extremely hard and jagged.

We met a lovely couple with two girls who are visiting their parents on this trawler. They used to live in Toronto but are in Sudbury now. They are certainly enjoying the warm weather of the Bahamas.

We saw these neat cement steps heading up a steep hill. And a cottage way up on a steep hill.

We saw the sign for Sandy Toes and think it must be cottages as there are lots of small buildings on the hillside.

Lots of boats in the anchorage. Persuasion looks quite at home here.

It was a fun morning exploring. After lunch, Mike got in the water and washed the bottom of the boat. He needed to take some of the slime and sludge off that he had missed when he washed it in Lake Worth. I, on the other hand, enjoyed the afternoon with a good book.

We had quite a view (in the distance) of Nassau today. We made a reservation for tomorrow night at the marina. As Mike said at supper tonight. “only 2 more sleeps”. Can’t wait to see the kids. And we get to see Sarah and James a couple days after Amber, Jason and the kids leave. Will be so nice having them on board as well.

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