February 22 Royal Island to Rose Island

The wind was howling when we went to bed around 20:30. I was awake at midnight and it was not so bad. By time the alarm went off at 05:30, it was eerily quiet. So unusual not to hear the wind. After breakfast, we were ready to head out. Not a great picture of Party of Two but they motor sailed out past Persuasion at 06:30. We snapped a shot of Fair Winds who will probably head out today or tomorrow for Hatchet Bay.

We finally got a window to head across the Northeast Providence Channel. Winds were SSE 10 kn. The jib was up and we motor sailed along.

We were getting into deeper water as the depth gauge was not registering. It showed on the charts to be hundreds of feet deep at this point and with water that deep below us, it seemed strange that a rock would be sticking up not in the ocean not far from the boat. Although, the water was not as deep as the crossing from Abicos to Eleuthra, it was still deep. Mike says “not too deep, just between 2-3000 feet deep, according to the charts. Ahh, yes, that’s deep. It was such a beautiful day and the sun seemed to dance on the ocean.

And the water was blue. The lady we met on the trawler, at the marina the day we arrived in Spanish Wells says she and her husband call the water the colour of ink. That is a good colour to describe it. So incredibly blue, a beautiful blue.

Party of Two had their fishing lines out but had no luck. They radioed us before we got to the banks and said their was a bird in the water and we should watch out for it. It looked different than a sea gull, had a long tail. She thought it may be a frigate. It was still there when we passed by.

We radioed Bunkey and Geoff to say goodbye as they were headed in to Nassau. We could see Nassau in the distance.

We also saw the Eleuthra Express cargo ship that makes trips from Spanish Wells to Nassau. And also a fishing boat. Looks like they are taking a picture of us when I was taking a picture of them. πŸ™‚

And just like that, we were on the Bahama banks. The water changed from ink blue to turquoise blue. One minute we were in 500 ft of water and the next minute we were in 20 ft of water.

You can really see the difference in colour in these photos.

We made our way around to Rose Island and dropped the hook in 9 ft of water at 12:45. We are thankful for the good weather and calm seas today. There is a trawler from Toronto anchored close by. And there may be a resort or rental cottages here too as the Sandy Toes water taxi comes over to Rose Island. Lots of other boats too.

There is no free wifi or television service on this Island either. After supper, we worked on the blog, downloading photos from the camera and picking ones out we want in the blog. Mike will be uploading them tomorrow. Hopefully, the BTC strike is over. Their office is across from the dock. If not, we should get wifi from the marina. We read that there is a Starbucks across from the marina too, so we can have coffee and upload there. Bonus, we get coffee out and we can keep our followers happy. It’s a win, win. πŸ™‚

There seemed to be too much cloud cover for a good sunset tonight but after a lovely, sunny, warm day, it was still a pleasant view.

Today we travelled 37.1 nm.

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