February 16 – 21 Royal Island

Monday morning we listened to the weather report again and because it was giving winds for Tuesday and then another cold front on Wednesday, we decided we would go back over to Royal Island. We took our water cans over to the dock to get them filled with the RO water and then headed out around noon.

We knew it was good holding in Royal Island from the storm that went through last week. Staying at anchor here in front of Russell Island would not be an option when cold fronts come through. It is much too open and can be quite rolly. You wouldn’t guess that today . Looks quite peaceful here with one other sailboat at anchor. Then a little over an hour later, we were headed into the entrance at Royal Island.

On Tuesday, we had a glorious sunrise. We watched as it inched it’s way up.

In the afternoon, we were invited over to Party of Two. We had met them first at the dinghy dock in Spanish Wells. They are Geoff and Bunkey from Tobermory. Actually, they moved to Mississauga from England shortly after they married, and later built a cottage in Tobermory for summer vacation time and when Geoff retired, they moved there to run a bed and breakfast in the summer. They spend the winters in the Bahamas on their 32 ft catamaran and have been coming here now for 12 years.

Another couple was invited too from the sailboat Fair Winds. Ken and Louiselle. We had a great time. Louiselle is from Matan, QC and Ken is from Michigan. Right now they are spending their summers in Matan. They were married last year in Spanish Wells. We had a great time visiting with them all.

Wednesday, it was giving bad weather and man was it ever. Louiselle and Ken left for Spanish Wells to take a mooring ball and spend a few days there for their anniversary. Thank goodness they left early to get there before the rain. The cold front brought lots of rain and colder weather. We looked out once to see all the other boats facing a different way than us. We quickly realized that we had gotten caught up in an old mooring fender. Mike tried to pull the boat back with the dinghy while I tried to push the fender from behind the rudder with the boat hook. With not much luck, we heard Bunkey on the radio saying that Geoff was on his way over in their dinghy to help. He could get a better grip on the boat hook from the dinghy and finally we pulled free. Just look at the photos of the rain and fog rolling in. The storm was not as bad as the one last week. No toe rail in the water. Made me laugh to think of your comment on our February 10 post, Mike Allan. That storm happened in the dead of night and even if I wanted pictures, I couldn’t send Mike out in the dinghy. You know the Captain always goes down with his ship. 😉

It rained all afternoon but before supper, it started to look a bit brighter. But the evening was sure cooler.

On Thursday, morning, we heard a horn and jumped out of bed to see a blue sailboat dragging. Party of Two had noticed it dragging. Mike was ready to get the dinghy and go over but another boater was already over. No one came out for quite awhile but thankfully the anchor caught again and all was well. It was sunny and we took the dinghy and toured the ruins on the Island with Bunkey and Geoff. No one seems to know what the buildings intended to be, in their day they would have been beautiful. On our way up the steps, Mike spotted this little black lizard.

Geoff climbed up the stairs along this wall and said “hey, you have to see this huge termite nest” That was enough to make Bunkey and I not go up. Mike took the camera up and snapped this photo. Yuk, eh?

Here are more of the ruins.

There was a tree among the ruins that Bunkey and Geoff said was called a “tourist tree”, not it’s real name but so nicknamed because of it’s red pealing skin looks like a sunburned tourists.

And we saw our first butterfly in the Bahamas here. We walked along a trail and to the beach.

We found a few coconuts and they gave Mike a lesson in opening them.

By george, I think he mastered it. And it was so good.

Bunkey and Geoff came on Persuasion for coffee and she invited me over after lunch to show me how to bake bread on top of the stove. Works great, especially since my oven is not working. After my bread cooking 101 class, I was back on Persuasion and cleaning the fridge. I had shut it off this morning to get some of the ice thawed and ready to wash out. Now, it is all clean and ready for provisions when the kids come.

Friday morning was warmer and sunny. Although it was giving more wind for the afternoon and Saturday. We had to go into Spanish Wells to the BTC to get our SIM card topped up. (Seems you can only do it online for cell phones, not for the iPads. Mike had inquired when he was into the BTC last week). So, we left early and was amazed at the sun shining through the clouds as we headed out.

There were a couple of ships anchored out across from Royal this morning.

We anchored in front of Russell Island again and then dingied in. We went to the BTC but saw on the door that it only opened at 09:30. We walked down to the Food Fair to get some milk and veggies and a few things that Bunkey needed. By time we got back to the BTC, it was after 10:00 and they still weren’t open. People were stopping to go in as well. One guy told us that they weren’t in yesterday after 13:00. No signs on the door or anything. We made a few FaceTime calls from there. The manager had told Mike that wifi is free outside the BTC’s. Anyway, finally a man drove in and wanted to pay his bill. He said that he had heard that they were on strike. Drats! Now we have no internet access. We let the kids know because we probably will not be able to get it until we get into Nassau which is on Tuesday. Amber, Jason and kids arrive on Wednesday, so we let them know what marina we would be at as they will have to take a cab to there from the airport.

We saw Ken and Louiselle walking in town today. Talked to them for awhile and wished them a Happy 1st Anniversary. Mike got the water jugs filled and the diesel can filled while I waited in the dinghy. Then we were off, and got to Royal Island by 14:00 and this time anchored over in the east bay because of the predicted winds. And it was windy. Saturday was windy as well. Ken and Louiselle came back out to Royal to wait out the wind here too. Everyone stayed on their boats today. We chatted on the radio with Bunkey and they are thinking of leaving tomorrow morning for Nassau if the wind stops howling. We are headed that way too, if the weather cooperates and will he ready to weigh anchor at dawn. There is no free wifi around here and no television either. Lots of time to relax and enjoy some reading, though.

Thank you to those who posted comments on our format change. Although, we may not have had a chance to answer them when online, we appreciated your feedback. With so many people using smart phones and tablets, it’s great to know this format shows better. We are liking it as well.

2 thoughts on “February 16 – 21 Royal Island

  1. Have a GREAT time with Amber, Jason and the kiddies! I can just imagine how excited Tayton, Easton and Elle are to be seeing Nanny and Grampy again


  2. Those prickly pear cactus flowers ( red things that bloom on the end of the cactus ) can be made into a nice jam. You can scrap off any prickels and cook them up add sugar of course . The other cascading flowers are bouganvalia. My favourite flowers in florida when I was there.love all the blogs . jack and charlene


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