February 11 Royal Island to Spanish Wells

Another windy night in here but the alarm only went off a couple of times when it up to 30kn. It sure is good holding in here. With the winds that have been howling, we are very fortunate to have somewhat peace of mind of not dragging.

After breakfast and chatting with Grace and Peace & Quiet, we were ready to move on. Grace is going further than Spanish Wells and Peace & Quiet are heading to Spanish Wells along with another boat to anchor for a few days. The day shone bright with no indication of how rough the weather was the last couple of days and nights.

We weighed anchor and left Royal Island at 10:15.

We saw a few sights along the way, like this ship wrecked fishing boat. It was a short trip and we just motored along enjoying the sunshine and scenery.


The entrance into the marina is narrow and we met this big fishing boat coming out. We could also see where we they have done some dredging.
IMG_0063 IMG_0068

We got tied to the dock at 11:30 and got ready to go for a walk around the town before doing the laundry. We saw this little van by the dock and thought Tayton and Easton would like it. They are building a new marina here and hoped to be open by spring of this year but are a bit behind. The cottages that are being built will be rentals. There will be a swimming pool, new showers, laundry and office and new docks. Should be lovely when finished.

We met a couple on a trawler from Maine who were docked beside us but they were heading out today. They motored into the cove we were anchored in at Lynyard on Monday but we had not met them. Lovely couple with their yellow lab. They actually had taken their boat up the Saint John river a couple of summers ago and loved it. They told us we would love Spanish Wells and they are right.
We got all checked in at the marina and then decided we would take a walk to check the town out and go for lunch. We were walking up one street and a man was out in his yard. We asked him about the city water as we were told the water was not good to drink. The water has a lot of sulfur in it. Apparently some people do drink it but most people get RO water. He introduced himself as Ian and he told us where we could take our jugs to get water and we asked him where we should go for lunch. He mentioned The Shipyard and then offered to drive us there. We thanked him but said we would walk. Two minutes later he was beside us with his golf cart and said he wanted us to take his golf cart for the afternoon. Said he was going to be at work anyway. What a lovely man. As we were driving, he was telling us about his family and invited to his church if we are still here on Sunday. So we went to his work and then we took the cart and got our water, went for lunch (not at the Shipyard but another place. Guess we should have taken Ian’s advice). and got our propane tank filled. Wow, it was $32.00. That is more than twice as much than at home.

We went back to Ian’s work and thanked him, gave him money for gas which he reluctantly took. Then as we walked back, we snapped a few pictures. The folks here are so friendly. Look at the views here. Unbelievably beautiful.

Lots of colourful houses and pretty shrubs. The first house is Ian’s.

A sailboat had come into the marina while we were out. They are from Halifax so we had a chat with them. We got back to the marina, had showers and started laundry. There is only one washer and dryer and unfortunately the dryer didn’t dry well so laundry had to be hung up on lines in the boat overnight. Mike uploaded 5 blogs, so that made for a busy evening. They are the Feb 6th – Feb10th entries. Sorry to enter so many at once but we had wifi. Guess it will be some reading for you all. By the way, Mike made a note on the Feb 6 entry about us changing our format. We would like some feedback if you get a chance. Just wondering if you can view it better on iPads and iPhones. We are also showing larger photos. We plan to anchor out tomorrow after we check out the grocery store here. And we will stay for awhile and enjoy this lovely piece of paradise.

Today we travelled 6.5 nm.

7 thoughts on “February 11 Royal Island to Spanish Wells

  1. Thoroughly enjoying the harbor descriptions and photos! are you having any difficulty with anchoring anywhere? Or finding a good holding ground? Have you been required to pay th anchor anywhere? Thanks


    1. Hi Richard

      To date we have not paid for anchoring. However we have paid for use of facilities while anchored. This usually gives us internet and showers and sometimes pool and beach access



  2. We’ve been really enjoying all your posts since you left. The format was never a problem for me but I do like the larger pictures. Thank you so much for sharing your adventure!
    Hugs to the captain and his first mate


  3. I love all the pics! Will make sure to show the boys the little van. Dad, love the pic of you driving the golf cart, you guys sure are enjoying the island life!!


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