February 10 Royal Island

Man, did it blow in the night! And rain, thunder and lightning! Probably the worst wind we have had at anchor. Persuasion was heeled over with the toerail in the water. Everything went flying. We were already up due to the winds and the wind alarm going off.

Finally the storm subsided a bit. Lots of boaters in the anchorage were up checking their anchors. It sure was a wild night.

This morning, although sunny, we had a bit of a rain shower. It moved in quickly. There was a tall ship that came in after supper. Lots of teens on it. They went ashore this morning and we wanted to see it leave but missed it.

The rain passed over and we had a rainbow.

We talked to Grace who anchored over on the east side where we were first and they said it was a bad night over there with the wind. We also talked to Greg from Peace & Quiet and they said they saw winds gusting as high as 50 kns last night! We had seen them at 40 but when they were at 50, it must have been when we were busy picking everything up after we turned to starboard with our toerail in the water!

We still have the dinghy on the bow. I guess that was a good place for it as we heard on the radio that a dinghy had overturned in the wind and there motor got a good soaking. We haven’t taken it down as there is really no place to go onshore and everyone is staying on their boats with this wind.

Early afternoon, the wind picked up again and is giving a blow for tonight too. We had hoped to go into the marina today at Spanish Wells. Use some wifi to upload some blogs, showers, laundry etc. Guess we will wait until tomorrow. Michael let out so more chain for the anchor. All afternoon, the wind blew, gusting to over 30 kn. I boiled chicken for soup for supper and we watched a couple of movies. In the evening, we watched another one before bed.

3 thoughts on “February 10 Royal Island

  1. POIDH
    Next time it blows up like that, send Mike out in the dinghy with the camera so we can can all experience it with you.


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