February 9 Lynyard Cay to Royal Island, Eleuthera

Well, we were up at O-dark thirty as Mike calls it. Had coffee, breakfast and at first sign of light, weighed anchor. Two trawlers left before we did and Grace and a couple of other sailboats headed out with us at 06:20. You can notice from the photos, that it wasn’t quite light when we left the anchorage.

We headed out to the ocean and it was a bit rolly at first. Very thankful that we had hoisted the dinghy onto the bow of the boat. We did see the sun coming up on the horizon.

The skies threatened rain for awhile and wewatched Grace as she appeared to be swallowed up in the waves.

The rain missed us but we did see a beautiful rainbow.

The winds were 10-15 kn and we had the jib out for awhile. It wasn’t long before the storm clouds came around again and this time we did get some rain. It looked as though the clouds were drawing water up to them.

Ok, the ocean here is deep! we were looking on the charts the night before and saw that it was thousands of feet deep. In fact, 15,280 ft deep……..that’s right Amber, over fifteen thousand! Scary to me, but I guess it makes no difference how deep it is, once it is over your head, it’s deep.

For hours and hours, we had no true depth on the depth sounder, which is understandable when it’s that deep. We encountered that before when we’ve had depths over 300 feet. But imagine, 15,000 ft!
Mike saw a flying fish. But I missed it. We had a radio call earlier from a boat named Silver Maple. They were on their way to the Abacos and are from north of Toronto. They noticed us on their AIS and told us they had seen flying fish here. Hope to see more.

One thing that struck us while out here is that any direction you look, all you see is the ocean meeting the sky. And the odd tanker heading by.

And another thing, was the unbelievable colour of the ocean. It was like a royal or periwinkle blue. So beautiful. The photos certainly do not do it justice.

In the afternoon, the water seemed to calm even more. And we hauled the jib out again.

And as the depths of the ocean became more shallow, we could see those signature turquoise waters of the Bahamas, this time in the Southwest Reef.

We noticed a beautiful place on our port side going into anchor There were at least 4 little rental cottages on the property. Almost looked deserted though.

We motored in and dropped the anchor on the East side of Royal Island. Then decided that if there was any southeast winds, it would not be a good place. We hauled anchor and then motored over to the west side and dropped the anchor at 15:40. We noticed a boat here by the name of Peace & Quiet.

We had heard from the members at LaHave River Yacht Club, NS when we were there in late August that they had left the club to go south just a few days before we arrived. This is the first time we have run into them. We chatted on the radio but will see them sometime in the next few days. Greg and Debbie are their names. The wind picked up so safer to be on the boats. There is no wifi here or television. Spent the evening blogging and reading.

Today we travelled 57 nm.

One thought on “February 9 Lynyard Cay to Royal Island, Eleuthera

  1. As I am reading this I say to Jason, you won’t believe how deep the water was and then I told him and continued to read and laughed so hard when you wrote…..”that’s right Amber…” you know me so well 😉


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