February 8 Lynyard Cay

Sunday morning we saw the sun coming up behind the Island and knew it was going to be a beautiful day.

Not so much though, out on the ocean where it was giving high waves. We listened to the Sunday morning Christian radio show and then set about doing some chores. Mike worked on the mast and rerouted some lines. He installed “single line reefing”. He says that is the first time since we owned Persuasion that we had a reef line.  I cleaned under the stove and scrubbed. After lunch we lowered the dinghy and went into shore to the beach.

The water is so clear and clean here. We dingied by Grace but their dinghy was gone. They had told us about the beach up by their anchorage where there was a net on trees with things left behind by boaters. There was even a hammock on shore for a little rest which the Captain took advantage of.

We dingied around for awhile and noticed a sailboat coming into the anchorage over by Grace, We saw the Canadian flag and went to chat with them. They are from Chatham, ON but keep their boat in Marsh Harbour now.

We went back and decided to load the dinghy on the bow of the boat for the trip across the ocean tomorrow. We chatted on the radio with Grace and they had dingied around to the other side of the Island. They too are leaving in the morning. Our anchorage filled up so we expect more are headed south tomorrow as well. Another nice sunset tonight.

We set the alarm for 05:30. Wow, we haven’t had to do that for awhile!

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