February 7 Marsh Harbour to Lynyard Cay

A beautiful sunny morning. We weighed anchor and motored out of the harbour at 09:10.

After being underway for awhile we heard Paperbird hailing us. They were on their way to Marsh Harbour. Drats, we keep missing them. They are heading to Eleuthera this week too so we may see them along the way.

We decided to motor in to Hopetown, which is on Elbow Cay.   We have heard a lot about it and hope to get back to the Abacos after our time in the Exumas. There are a few more places we’d like to spend some time and Hopetown is one of them. The famous lighthouse is visible upon entry.

There are pretty little houses and villas here. We could see Hopetown claims to be the Jewel of Abaco. It is very picturesque.

You can’t anchor in here. There is a marina or you take a mooring ball and it seemed rather crowded. You have to call ahead to book a ball.

The lighthouse here is one of the world’s last working kerosene-fueled lighthouses. It had been closed for some restoration work but just opened up again this Friday for visitors.   We hear the view from the top is incredible.

We met the Donnie IX coming in as we were leaving. He is part of Albury’s Ferry Service and always seems to be busy heading to different spots from Marsh Harbour.

We motored along and saw on the charts that there was a resort along here. Looks pretty nice too.

And this took our eye. From a distance, looked like these two were walking on water! And the surf coming in was something too. You could see the Atlantic Ocean and it swells coming into the Sea of Abaco.

We pulled out the jib and motor sailed along. The scenery along the way was lovely.

We saw this wooden schooner anchored. As we got closer we saw that it was charter tours out of Delaware. We expect it was as beautiful inside as outside. The ramp to get up to it was pretty impressive tool.

We saw a sailboat headed out to the ocean as we were heading into Little Harbour. Very pretty in here and a protected Sea Park. Apparently, it is not unusual to see sea turtles swimming in the harbour.

The entrance is very narrow and tricky and not well marked. Of course the tide was low too.

And because of those factors…….Persuasion was aground! For awhile, I did not think we were going to make it off the bottom, but we finally did. You can see the sand we stirred up. Yikes!

We left here, not daring to try again in low tide.

We headed back to Lynyard Cay and set the anchor at 13:30 Later on we had a radio call from Grace who we had met in Peck Lake. They are from Vermont. They were in the next anchorage over and we may lower the dinghy tomorrow if we don’t head further south. We watched the sun as it started to set and then the colours in the sky as the day was done.

Today we travelled 26.5 nm.

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