January 30 – February 6 Marsh Harbour

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Well we have been in Marsh Harbour for over a week. We had lots of sun filled warm days and one day of fowl weather. Always lots of wind though as there have been cold fronts going through. Those fronts always seems to bring lots of winds. The temperatures though have been great. And we have enjoyed some relaxation time finishing and starting books and napping whenever we want. Hey, we are in the Bahamas. Easy come ,easy go here in the Islands.
We made a few trips up town. Went to Maxwell’s a few times and finally got a photo.

Also got one of the big bank here, the Commonwealth Bank. It always seems to be busy.

And I mentioned earlier that Marsh Harbour has a Sunsail and Moorings charter out of here. They are always coming and going.

Mangoes marina is filled with lots of boats and the bush filled with flowers on the side wall is quite pretty.

We are looking for a spear gun for fishing. There are 3 hardware stores here and most carried them but at quite a price. We will try in Nassau. The first part of the week, we found a different part of town. It is along the waterfront and it was much cleaner looking than the other end of town. We will add some of those photos in a gallery below. There are a lot of shrubs here that look like the Jade rubber plants that Mike’s mom used to have in pots. And they seem to grow into quite large trees.

We also had a couple of visits with the Liz and Chris from Groovin’. We had first met them in Peck Lake. They were a great help to us with info on the Exuma’s. They also told us about a Bocce Ball tournament on Sunday afternoon sponsored by the Strawberry Monkey Yacht Club. They had played last year and came in second. We had never played but thought we would give it a try. There were 8 couples playing.

With quite a surprise to us, we got in the finals. With Liz and Chris! The prize was a painted up and decorated coconut and the Liz and Chris took home the prize. Congrats guys!

It was a fun afternoon and of course everyone was either going to a super bowl party at a bar or back to their boat to watch the game. Which is what we did but fell asleep at 21:00. We could tell from the news the next morning that those last few seconds would have made for some nail biting and screaming.

We also spent some time with a couple on a boat called Rivendell. Catherine and John. We enjoyed their company too and since they have been coming here for a few years, they also gave us info for Nassau and the Exuma’s. We have to be careful for a window for getting over to Nassau so will be heading over that way tomorrow. Making a few stops along the way. We will pick up Amber, Jason and kids on the 25th. Yay! Hoping all these cold fronts with winds will be finished by then. We’ve been told they should be.

Liz and Chris had gone over to Orchid Bay on Great Guana a couple of days earlier and Catherine and John came over for coffee on Wednesday morning and then they left to head over to Orchid Bay.

They had all wanted us to go over for a change of scenery but we thought we would just hang out here and leave on Saturday. We also wanted to see Modaki, Joe and Yvonne who had just arrived in the harbour. They had started out with us on our crossing from Lake Worth and had to go back because of engine trouble. They finally made it across to the Bahamas a week after we did. But they were still having some trouble. They took a slip for 3 days to check there fuel tank and then maybe order a new one if need be. They borrowed Mike’s pump and got their fuel tank cleaned out. It was quite dirty in the bottom. They were thankful as they thought they were going to have to order a new tank.
On Thursday it was giving a windy day and rain. Well, did the wind ever blow. It gusted up to 43.9 kn here. And then the rain came down, hard! You will notice in the pictures how black the sky was. There was some thunder and lightning. Our anchor held but we noticed at least one guys didn’t as he circled around waiting out the storm to re-anchor.

Friday’s dawn brought sun although still very windy.

We visited with Joe and Yvonne on Modaki and were planning to get together with them and another couple we met on Snowbird. Modaki had met them along the way and travelled with them a few weeks on the ICW.

We have had some great sunrises while here and equally beautiful sunsets.

A few of you noticed that we changed our picture on the website. It is how our boat looks now with the new enclosure, wind generator and solar panels and some of you asked if the panels and generator were making a difference keeping the batteries charged. Mike answered to one of the comments on the page but in case you missed it, he will tell you now how he likes the upgrades.
Solar = ***** Wind = ***. I think the solar has more than exceeded my expectations. We have 280 watts. Wind is OK when the wind is 15 kts or better. It is a 450 watt. We have sat for 7 days and have not started the engine once.

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