January 29 Treasure Cay to Marsh Harbour

The sunrise and the weather on Cruisers net on the VHF was telling us it was going to be another sunny day in the Bahamas. The locals here must never get tired of enjoying their views. We waited for the tide and weighed anchor at 11:15.

Lots of boats were still at anchor and at the dock. We passed by the fuel dock on the way out. It serves as a fuel dock for boats and gas station for Treasure Key.

IMG_9541There was a fuel tanker that had come in one night when we were at anchor. He stayed on the fuel dock overnight to unload and then came further into the anchorage to turn around. Forgot to add it to the last posing so will add it now. He blew his horn a few times coming in, no one would want to be too close to him in the channel. We were glad to head out when the tide was rising that’s for sure. The Welcome sign says it all. And here is that yellow house that we photographed on the way in. What a beach they have!

It was a beautiful day for a sail on the Sea of Abaco and we did just that, well we motor sailed. Winds were out of the SE 15-20. We were heeled over and going 6 – 6.5 kn. I also took advantage of the engine running so that I could run the vacuum and do some cleaning.

As we got closer to Marsh Harbour, we pulled in the jib and set the anchor in 6-8 ft (depending on the tide) at 14:15. It was a beautiful day to lounge in the cockpit and bask in the sun with a great book. We plan to stay here a few days so will explore another area of town, provision and visit with some boaters. There is wifi here by times and even have some TV channels. We enjoyed the evening watching some sitcoms.

Today we travelled 15.5 nm

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