January 23 – 28 Treasure Cay

Treasure Cay is truly a treasure on the Great Abaco Island. After exploring the resort a bit yesterday, we knew we were heading to the beach today. It was a beautiful day with brilliant sunny skies and temperatures in the low 80’s. Once you get your dinghy tied up and climb up the ladder, it is a very short walk across to the beach. As we were walking through the resort grounds, this little guy gave me a scare at first. Then he scampered in front of us and we could see that he was after some food that was on the walkway. And he chewed merrily away as we watched.

As we started to cross the road we could see the turqoise water in the distance. What a sight. The sand was absolutely beautiful. The beach went on for miles and miles. One boater here told us that this beach was voted one of the top 10 in the world, although we can’t confirm that. We plan to check it out on the internet.

We strolled down to the beach and waded in. It was a little chilly but nice to feel the salt and sand. We had brought a picnic lunch so ate that under the tiki umbrella on the lounge chairs. Mike reckoned his feet looked like they were covered in flour.

There was a family on the beach and the little boys loved this beach trike. You can rent it, as well as kayaks and surf boards. Anyone for beach volleyball?.

We had a nice rest on the beach and then walked back. We passed by what we thought was a subdivision of houses. There seemed to be a few houses in there, although the sign said private property. And we saw the community centre too.

We saw more local houses beside the walkway to the resort. The palms, plants and other trees make for a pretty walk.

Looks like this tree has been around for a few years. The leaves were very shiny that blew softly in the breeze. We saw a golf cart rental here on the island as well. The Spinnaker Restaurant here is also on the resort.

We decided to take advantage of the showers and then enjoyed the freshwater pool beside the bar. We Facetimed some of the kids again. Hey JP and Diane we spied this boat on the dock. It was from Castine, ME and had the same name as your friend Marc’s boat, Shine!  Back to Persuasion to cook supper. Yay, Mike and Doreen, it was tacos tonight!

Here’s a view of some of the boats anchored or moored in here. Seems that like us, they are enjoying Treasure Cay. Later we enjoyed sitting in the cockpit watching the sun go down.

Waking the next morning on Saturday, we could see the weather report we had heard was right. Lots of wind and the anchorage looked quite a bit different. We had paid for Thursday and Friday nights and decided we would stay at anchor but not take advantage of using their facilities or wifi, (which is why you haven’t seen any postings for awhile)

It blew all morning and shortly after lunch, it started raining and the wind subsided. It was a great day to watch some movies and curl up with a good book. Mike got caught up on his cruising magazines and I started another one of the books that Ida gave me. (She and her sister Miriam are the older ladies that had adopted us from the church we attended in Annapolis). It is a great mystery novel and I almost hated putting it down to start supper. But we had planned on chicken soup. This was not because it was windy and rainy today but in honour of the Nor’easter that Scot had told us about when we Facetimed him yesterday. It was to hit the east coast and the Maritimes today. Gotta love a good chicken or beef soup during a storm. And as the day wore on, the sun came out but the wind came up again. We couldn’t believe all the boats coming in. Guess they had to have somewhere to go to get out of the wind and rain.

The next few days were more of the same. Lots of wind! Sunny but very windy. No one left the anchorage. Apparently a cold front was coming down from the north affecting the US east coast and here. Was a perfect time for us to continue reading and playing 4 pics. Of course, the Captain enjoyed lots of soduku games.

Today, Wednesday was a better day. Winds were still 15-20 kn. It is giving that tomorrow as well. Some boats left but we decided we would pay the $10 and take advantage of the facilities. We needed to do laundry so after our showers, we headed over to the laundromat. It is in this plaza here. While the clothes were washing, we had a coffee and cinnamon bun at Florence’s Cafe. This is her daughter here in front of the cafe. They were cooking home made bread and it smelled so good. This little gift shop in the plaza was very neat and the owner was a lovely lady. Loved the colourful salamanders on the front of the building.

The other plaza here has a grocery store, The Golden Harvest Supermarket. Certainly not as big as the Maxwell’s in Marsh Harbour but it is stocked well and the prices are comparable to Maxwell’s. And we could see that a truck was delivering some wines and spirits to the liquor store. The BTC is the Bahamas Telephone Company right beside the liquor store. The Police Department is in this plaza also, with an RBC beside it.

They have all these shells in the cement along the walkway here at the plaza which looks kinda neat. On the way back to the dinghy, we snapped a shot of these condos. These are the pastel ones that we photoraphed from the waterfront the day we arrived. This is the backside of them. When we got back to the dinghy, Mike noticed these sponges in the water. It is not a great photo but we’ll add it anyway.

We had decided that since it was such a beautiful windy day, we would hang the clothes to dry on the boat. I was a little afraid that they may blow off, which one towel did but Mike was a able to get it with the boat hook! And we’ve had some great sunsets while we’ve been here. This is one of them.

Tomorrow we plan to leave and go back to Marsh Harbour. Saturday and Sunday may not be good weather wise. More wind and another cold front. So since the truck arrives there today with fresh fruit and vegetables, we will stock up again.

9 thoughts on “January 23 – 28 Treasure Cay

    1. It is our pleasure, Nelse. Can’t wait to read your and Monica’s next adventure. You will sure have fun in the sun! Hope we have good internet connections then. Your blog is great!


  1. Well, I wish I could have shared the tacos with you. It looks so beautiful and warm there. You are posting some incredible sunset shots. Keep up the good work.

    -3 here today with 10cm of snow forecast for today. It has been an easy winter so far with very little white stuff falling.

    We missed seeing you at the boat show.


    1. Glad it has been an easy winter……so far. Hope I don’t jinx it. Guess you and Mike have had the snowmobiles out a few times. The tacos were good. made us remember great times in the Thousand Islands.


  2. Back from our cruise and finally found some time to catch up with your blog. Sorry we didn’t get to see you in Florida but it was great chatting on the phone. xoxo


    1. Yes, seeing you guys would have been so great. But hearing your voice on the phone was the next best thing. Bet you had a blast on the cruise. Sure hop we get to see you this summer. 🙂


  3. Ohhhhh Tayton loved the lizard and every time he sees the beach pictures he goes on and on about them – looove the water bike, we need to rent those!


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