January 22 Marsh Harbour to Treasure Cay

There was a beautiful sunrise here this morning.

After breakfast, we decided we would take the dinghy over to the dock and make one last trip up to Maxwell’s. Knowing that the boat arrived yesterday with fresh produce, we thought we would go and get some meat as well.   They were out of a lot of their dairy products the other day and luckily today there were lots. We got what we needed and headed back. We had noticed a boat in the anchorage named Revendell that was registerd from Ottawa but never had the chance to meet them. This time, they were out in the cockpit so we stopped to say hi. They are from the Glebe in Ottawa and this is their fourth time in the Bahamas. They leave their boat in Florida and were a wealth of information on different islands and places of interest. Treasure Cay is one of the places they talked about and how nice it is. That is where we had planned to head off to today.   They wanted us to come aboard but we had to get the perishables in the fridge. We said goodbye and am sure we’ll cross paths with them again.

What a beautiful day it is.   While we were getting the dinghy ready to go on the dinghy tow, we could see all these baby fish in the water. So many of them. We weighed anchor at 11:15 saying goodbye to Marsh Harbour for now, and headed out for Treasure Cay. The centre picture is of the public dock where you dock your dinghy and walk uptown.

We saw a familiar tug on our way over too. The winds were NE 10kn and the jib was out. A perfect day in the Bahamas. We met Paperbird on their way over to Marsh Harbour and radioed them. They had planned on coming to Marsh Harbour yesterday from White Sound but along the way they found a nice beach and enjoyed the day and night there.. We look forward to catching up with them again sometime.   We saw more sailboats out today too and some homes that obviously have a great view.

Wow, these places all have fantastic waterfront views. The centre one is beautiful, isn’t it?

The entrance into the harbour at Treasure Cay is quite tricky and not a lot of depth. But we made it and it is beautiful in here.

By the way, we forgot to mention that everything is all right with the engine. We had trouble on the 15th when we were going from Great Sale Cay to Crab Cay. And we mentioned that we could find nothing wrong with the engine. The next day on our way to Green Turtle Cay, it was fine and has been ever since. So we are thinking, we must have picked up some grass or line or something on our prop.

We got settled at 14:15 and saw a boat anchored that we had noticed in White Sound when we were at the Bluff Beach House Resort and Marina in Green Turtle Cay. They are from Port Colbourne and actually leave their boat at the Green Turtle Marina over the winter. They too have been coming down for 4 years and also gave us lots of information. He actually sailed on the Picton Castle World Voyage V in 2010-2011. After leaving them, we dingied in to the marina. The folks from Ottawa told us that you can anchor for free here but if you want to pay $10, you can use all the facilities and have wifi. There is a beautiful pool, lovely outdoor dining and a short walk over to the beach. We plan to do that tomorrow and get some more photos. It is very pretty in here with the pastel coloured resort condos. The pool and outdoor restaurant is great. We ordered pizza last night and it was very good.

The dinghy tie up is a bit tricky though. You tie off and climb up a ladder After registering, we came back and uploaded some blogs and factimed with the kids. The yellow homes on shore look lovely at sundown and the crescent moon was pretty as the sun was setting.

Today we travelled 15.4 nm.

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