January 20 -21 Marsh Harbour

These two days in Marsh Harbour were spent relaxing in the mornings, reading and strolling the town. The first day, we found the dinghy dock and after lunch headed to town in search of an internet plan. Luckily, we met a man at the dock who has been coming to the Islands for years and he gave us directions for the internet place and the grocery stores. Right away we noticed how the streets are much wider and also took note that it was not as clean as New Plymouth. Of course, it is the third largest city, behind Nassau and Freeport so I guess with more population that could be the reason.

We noticed that there were many banks, like CIBC, Scotiabank, RBC and the Commonwealth bank. It was by far the largest one and seemed the busiest. No photos of it though. Here is Mike strolling our cart past the RBC. And as you see, lots of cars and trucks here compared to those on Green Turtle Cay, in and around New Plymouth. Still seems strange to see them drive on the opposite side of the road, especially when the steering wheels are still on the left side. (Guess that’s because most are imported from the USA). And there are many more stores and plazas here too. A paint store, 3 hardware stores and even a KFC.

We found a SIM card for our iPad but the data plan is much less than we had with AT&T. We will pay $30/mth for 2 GB whereas we paid $50/mth for 5 GB. And we didn’t think that was enough data. Sheesh…..we will only be uploading blogs when we get free wifi from a marina or a cafe.   And an international calling card can be bought for $5, 10 or more but it is $.75 cents a minute. Sheesh again! Guess we will be checking in at home via email.

There are some unique names on buildings here. This one called “Monkey’s Uncle” is gifts and home accessories. We also passed by the liquor store which is called Bristol. We found Maxwell’s Supermarket. We were told to look for this place. It is fairly new and although the prices are higher than in the US, they are much cheaper than in the small towns. They have everything here. Wished I had snapped a photo, but forgot. I’m sure we will be back at Marsh Harbour before leaving the Abacos. Maxwell’s is great store with a butcher counter.  There are other grocery stores here.  Price Right is one on them and it is more of a warehouse.  We got some things there as well.  We understand Price Right owns Maxwell’s.  On Wednesday’s the boat arrives here with the weekly produce and grocery provisions for the stores. This is one of the trucks waiting outside of Price Right to be unloaded.

We also managed to find a barber and hair salon where we both got hair cuts. We walked around some more. Passed by one of the hardware stores again, only this time from a different route and noticed this painting on the side of it. Also saw these houses and an office across from the side of the store. So we had a couple days of finding our way around Marsh Harbour. Had a great evening watching some of our favorite sitcoms and enjoyed another great Bahamian sunset.

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