January 19 Green Turtle Cay to Marsh Harbour

We were up early this morning to get the blog uploaded and after showers, taking on fuel and water and settling up our bill at the marina, we motored away at 10:20 It was a beautiful morning as we passed by Black Sound and New Plymouth.

Lots of beautiful white sand on shore. Also lots of shallow waters with reefs. We rolled out the jib, turned off the motor and sailed along.

Winds were NE 5-10 but at the Whale Cay Passage, they were 15 kn. A bit choppy but not too bad. The surf up on the shore was noticeable and we also met another fishing boat today. We’ve noticed they always drag little work boats behind them.

We kept looking for red and green markers from a distance and through the binoculars couldn’t tell what colour this one was. As we got closer, we knew why. Guess the paint is long gone. There were lots of homes along the waterfront, with more building going on too.

The changes in the colour of the water with the barriers and reefs is neat to see. And more homes or condos along the way.

We met this barge and thought the grandkids would love seeing all the machines.

IMG_9346We hear a noise overhead and saw this seaplane coming down. We wondered if it was one of the puddle jumpers we’ve heard about that can bring family or friends from an airport to whatever island your boat is on or if it was a private plane with a home here.

We met a boater headed out of Marsh Harbour as we were entering.

But there were still lots of boats in the harbour. Seems like a busy place. And we read in our Cruising Guide book that there are Sunsail and Mooring charters out of here.

We anchored at 14:30 and had some great views around us.

Tomorrow we will head into town to check out the stores and look for an internet provider. We were lucky today to have television stations so we got caught up on the news and watched some TV shows. We caught some of these photos before the sun went down. In the first one, you will see the barge in the harbour. It is the one we met on our way over here today. It is based out of here and it went right beside us on it’s way back in tonight. Love seeing how busy these little tugs are.

Enjoyed the sunset tonight from Persuasion.

Today we travelled 24.9 nm.

2 thoughts on “January 19 Green Turtle Cay to Marsh Harbour

  1. The new cover photo reminded me of the effort you’ve put into passive charging. I’d be interested in hearing how well the solar and wind generators work now that you’re down in steady wind and ample sun.


    1. Hi Mike

      I am very pleased with the solar we installed. We have 280 watts and on a sunny day we can get about 10-12 amps. Like most people we have talked to wind is a bit of a disappointment. The wind has to be above 15 kts before we get any appreciable charge. The only consolation is that it is 24/7.



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