January 17-18 Exploring Green Turtle Cay

January 17 It was wonderful waking up this morning to a beautiful sunshiny day. Five years ago today our first grandchild was born. Happy 5th Birthday Tayton! You are our favourite 5 year old boy. 🙂 We are happy that we had internet so we could FaceTime him. He was all excited for his party. A paleontologist was coming and the kids were going to dig for fossils. Amber had baked and decorated a dinosaur cake. Thankful that we can get glimpses of their birthday’s through FaceTime. Easton just had his 3rd birthday one week ago today. Now you can relax, Amber. Elle’s birthday is not until July. lol After breakfast we went for a walk up past the Bluff House Resort & Marina and over to the beach. Man the hill is steep and then going down to the beach is quite the descent. The beach is beautiful and what views from here. We may go for lunch tomorrow at this little restaurant on the beach. It is run by the folks that own the restaurant at the marina. It is all part of the Bluff House Resort and Marina. Lunch is always served here and dinner at the restaurant by the marina, unless it is inclement weather. Mike noticed a sea urchin hanging around while we were out on the dock. And then he decided to hang around for a few minutes too. We came back to the boat, ate lunch and then hoisted the dinghy off the foredeck. It is great having the WinchRite. Makes it so much easier on the arms. Then we dingied over to White Sound and check for some of the boats that had crossed with us. We saw Paperbird but they were not on their boat. We  found the town dock and walked around the little town. It is New Plymouth and was founded by Loyalists who fled the US after the Revolutionary War. A very picturesque place. There are golf carts everywhere. That is what most people who live here, drive. You can rent them for $50.00 a day if you want. The lady at our marina said it is cheaper the longer you rent them. And the roads are narrow as you can see in the first photo here. They drive on the opposite side of the road too, so we had to be careful walking. Such friendly folks here. What do you think of this little truck, Tayton and Easton? We walked past a cemetery. Some tombstones were over 200 years old. This particular one for Edward Roberts inscription reads to what a great man he was. And then we saw the old Jail. Wow, can you imagine? What small quarters they had but as Mike says, they don’t put you in jail for being good. And then we came upon some men painting their church. They told us it would be ready for services next week and where they are holding them now. There are 5 churches on this Island and the population here is 600. Here’s 3 of the churches. We could hear a rooster crowing as we were walking and then we spied it in this yard. There are nice looking homes and stores here. We couldn’t believe the prices at the grocery stores. 180 gm bag of potato chips were $6.00, a bag of baby carrots were $5.75, cans of soup were $3.75 and frozen hot dogs were $6.00. Now we know why everyone provisions well to come here for a few months. We have heard that in Marsh Harbour there will be better prices for groceries. We bought a courtesy flag at a souvenir store. They take American money at par and she gave me back change in Bahamian money. We found the Customs Office too where we would have had to come to check in if the officer hadn’t come to the marina. And the Scripture Garden with tributes to Loyalists was neat too. Love the colorful houses. Neat little Library, Administrators Office and Police Department too. This house is for sale, fully furnished, right on Settlement Harbour for $342,500. We had a great afternoon sightseeing and then we dingied back to Persuasion before dark. We worked on the blog in the evening and got in a few FaceTimes. January 18 What a calm beautiful morning here as we caught the sunrise and some boats at anchor here. The Bluff House Resort and Marina on the hill looked pretty too. We had planned on going to church this morning but were busy working on uploading blogs. There is a great Christian radio station here in the Abaco and we enjoyed it all morning as we worked. Before we knew it, it was close to 13:00. We got ready to walk over to the Tranquil Turtle at the beach for lunch. On our way up the hill, a couple of workers from the marina were on their way over to the restaurant and asked if we wanted a lift. The seats on the back of the golf carts are real comfy. We ate outside and the lunch was delicious. I had a Grouper burger with a house salad and Caribbean dressing. Mike had a Club sandwich with fries. We FaceTimed some of the kids while we were there to show them the views. We got a photo of the directional signs at the restaurant. This one at the washroom was pretty neat. We walked around the beach for awhile and then started the trek up the steep hill. These are some views of the cabins, homes and scenery here overlooking White Sound. And more of the marina office, restaurant and beach bar. There is a lovely pool, washroom, showers and laundry facilities too. We decided to dinghy over to the other bay and this time Paperbird was home. After talking to them on the radio, we finally got to meet them. Greg and Lyn are from Annapolis, Maryland and now call Paperbird their home. She is a Pearson 422 and a beautiful boat. We had a great afternoon chatting. Hoping to meet up with them again. We came home and after supper, visited more on FaceTime and blogged. The wind is howling tonight here. At least there is no snow with all this wind. Thankful for that. Tomorrow we plan to head for Marsh Harbour. Will have updates for you as we get wifi.

3 thoughts on “January 17-18 Exploring Green Turtle Cay

  1. We all loooooove the pics!!!! Tayton of course keeps saying “can we go there?!!” I am sure he is going to have me researching all sorts of sea urchins as well now. 🙂


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