January 14-16 Great Sale Cay to Crab Cay to Green Turtle Cay

The 14th was a sleep day. We laid down a little after 10:00 and woke up at noon, had a bite to eat and slept again until 13:30. It was beautiful and sunny all day. I’m sure all the other boaters slept all day too. These overnight crossings take alot out of you. And of course, everyone stayed on their boat. We had raised our Q flag early at sunrise on the 14th while still crossing. Once we get to a customs check in, we can remove the Q flag and fly the Bahamian courtesy flag.

Here are some photos of our anchorage.


And we had a nice sunset view from Persuasion.

January 15 It was a quiet night at anchor here. When we woke in the morning, some of the boats had left or were leaving. We had wanted to listen to Chris Parker’s weather at 06:30 on the SSB but missed it. We radioed Paperbird to get the update.   It was their first crossing to the Bahamas as well and we look forward to meeting them in person. He told us the weather report was good except for a chance of rain and they were going to head over to Green Turtle Cay. We decided we would not go that far today. We left the anchorage at 07:30. We still are amazed at the beautiful colour of the water.

The winds were NE 10-15 kn and shortly after leaving we had a bit of trouble with the engine overheating. We opened the locker and took out some of the contents and then took of the stairs and had the fan positioned to blow onto the engine. We kept it at a low speed most of the way. We heard on the radio how some boats ahead of us had run into rain and we could see by the clouds that we would too. It came down steady but not heavy and we soon got back into sunny skies. We anchored in Crab Cay at 15:30.

We checked the engine and couldn’t find anything wrong. So will wait to see what tomorrow brings. We were all alone in the anchorage. It seems strange not to have any TV stations and of course no internet or phone. After supper, we watched the sun go down and enjoyed the sunset.   So peaceful here. Then we watched a movie before heading off to bed.

Today we travelled 47.1 nm

January 16 It was a quiet night until around 04:00 and then the wind came up. Our anchor was holding well but when we weighed anchor at 06:45, it was very windy.

Finally got on our way and had a nice view in front of us. The winds were out of the E 15-20 kn.

And then we got our first glimpse of civilization. Passed by a village.

Also saw lots of reefs and small islands where the water was shallow. The change in water colour was quite noticeable as you can see.

As we were coming in to Green Turtle Cay, we saw this fishing boat and on getting closer, realized it was anchored. A couple other boats were anchored here as well.

We set the anchor at 09:40. It was really windy. The winds changed to the NE 20-25, gusting to 30 kn.   The views were nice though.




It was our intention to lower the dinghy so Mike could dinghy over to the custom office to get us cleared in. However, the wind was too strong. The other boats left and we knew we were dragging. We had read good reviews in Active Captain about the Bluff House Marina. If you pay for 2 nights, the third night is free. And you get 100 gallons of water free. (We have heard the going price for water here is anywhere from 10-30 cents a gallon). Not to mention that we would get wifi for email or FaceTime the kids, letting them know we made it. And of course to upload some blogs. So we followed the channel in and got out of the wind and waves. It was still windy but much more protected in here on the dock. Mike got us checked in and by then it was raining. He asked how far it was to the Customs office and she said that sometimes the gentleman will come over to the marina to check people in. She called and he said he would. That was great. Mike said he was a very nice gentleman.

Finally, we could get ashore and enjoy the Island. Here is a photo of Persuasion with her Q flag and the next ones are of our stamped passports. We are now officially in the Bahamas.

After the rain stopped we went up to the showers and put in a couple loads of laundry. Will get some photos tomorrow of the marina. Really nice facilities here. The evening was spent Facetiming all the kids and grandkids and keeping our followers in the loop by uploading some blogs. It’s great to be online again even if only for three days. When we get closer to bigger towns, we will try to get some internet connections. Until then, we will have to rely on wifi from marinas. We plan on taking one maybe once a week and anchoring the rest of the time. Therefore, our blogs may be sporadic or only be weekly. Trust everything is well with you all in your corner of the world.

Today we travelled 19.5 nm.

6 thoughts on “January 14-16 Great Sale Cay to Crab Cay to Green Turtle Cay

  1. We were thrilled to read of your passage and arrival; we were so excited we had a Bahamas dinner in your honor (crab salad)…congratulations! Please let us know how the boat handled and your thoughts on the boat as a cruising yacht; also, check out: http://sailingsaralane.blogspot.ca/
    they are cruising on a C&C 40 somewhere in the “little latitudes”… thanks


    1. Hi Richard

      Thanks for the kind comments. We have been on several different boats during this cruise and we always come back to Persuasion and say how we like her more. We like the large salon and room to sprawl out and relax and read, watch a movie, etc. We love the shallow draft all though she does lay a little lower with all the provisions. Although heavier she still gives a good speed when sailing. We crossed to the Bahamas in confused seas but were comfortable most of the time with no concerns for our safety. All in all Persuasion is a great cruiser.



    2. We will check the site and watch for them, Richard. Thanks for thinking of us and having the crab salad celebrating our crossing. 🙂


  2. FANTASTIC!!!!!!!! I am so happy to hear that you are safely in the Bahamas. So Cool!

    The photos are great and really show well your trip. Keep up the good work.

    We are currently experiencing the January thaw. +1C here today but more snow predicted for the end of the week so the sledders are optimistic.


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