January 12 North Lake Worth

It was windy this morning but we wanted to dinghy into town and pick up a few more things at the grocery store. Captured this photo of some of the boats early this morning.

We had noticed a boat in the anchorage that we met in Annapolis at the Canadian get together. Modaki from Owen Sound, Joe and Yvonne. We also met them again at Vero Beach at American Thanksgiving feast there. After breakfast, we dingied over to say hello. They have been here for a week waiting for the window to cross over to the Bahamas. It was good to see them again. They told us where all the shops we would need in town. The dinghy had to be hauled up on shore and secured to an iron fence there. Oh and on the way there, we saw the yacht named Rena. We had first seen her coming through the lock at St. Peter’s in Cape Breton. She is a massive yacht and her dinghy (guess it wouldn’t be called a dinghy) is impressive too!

We found the West Marine and Publix, It is a nice area here, Palm Beach Gardens, and one of the main streets is called PGA Blvd. Everything was close so we weren’t gone too long. Right after lunch and getting all the groceries away, we weighed anchor and went to the dock for fuel. Our discussion with Joe this morning was about leaving for the Bahamas tomorrow. So, we wanted to have the fuel and water tanks full. They listen to Chris Parker on the SSB radio every morning as he gives the weather forecast for crossing the Gulf and islands in the Bahamas. The decision was to listen to the weather in the morning at 06:30 and if it wasn’t a good report for early morning, then leave later in the day.

We anchored again and then Mike started scrubbing and scraping  the algae and barnacles off the water line. It sure needed a good cleaning. We got everything tidied up, did a few FaceTimes, made a few phone calls and headed off to bed.  Not much sight seeing today, therefore not many photos.  We’ve been busy provisioning and preparing Persuasion for the crossing to the Bahamas.

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