January 11 Peck Lake to North Lake Worth

We got underway this morning at 09:00. It was quite windy when the anchor was coming up and the black mud on the chain was unbelievable. A couple of boats left before us but the anchorage was still pretty full when we headed out.

There were rows and rows of canals with huge boats on docks and some small ones too.

The homes were none too small!

So many beautiful homes.

We just could not believe the size of some of them.

It was neat seeing this dog on the kayak. Looks like he sits pretty still. And lots of sightseers on the Manatee Queen. Coming in to Jupiter, we could see this yellow building from quite a distance. It is the Jupiter Pointe Club and Marina. The marina is the white building to the left of it. Quite the club isn’t it?

Today we had to go under 6 lift bridges and were very forntunate that we only had a wait at one of them and then it was only for a half hour. We enjoyed our lunch while we waited. We won’t post photos of all of them but beside this Jupiter Federal Bridge was a park and lighthouse. When I looked up, I could see that people were up there enjoying the view.

And we will add this photo of the Indiantown Road Bridge. Alot of Canadians keep their boats in Indiantown for the summers and return in the fall or after Christmas to winter on them in the Bahamas.

Lots of paddlers were out today along the ICW and we came upon some derelict boats too. The pelicans seem to like this sunken houseboat.

More marinas and massive homes, some of them gated.

How about this for a yacht docked beside your house? And I love this type of palm tree.

They don’t even look real.

These condos at North Palm Beach get a fantastic view across to the PGA golf course.

We go under our last lift bridge for the day at Palm Beach and motor off the ICW into our anchorage on Lake Worth at 13:30. Lots of yachts docked here and lots of condos.

In the evening while working on the blog, we heard what we thought was a humming, chaffing noise. It was loud, even with the TV on. So we turned off the TV, listened closer to see if it was coming from the rudder. We checked the anchor and couldn’t figure it out. Finally realized it was coming from under the boat. Then we knew exactly what it was. The lady from the trawler in Vero Beach had asked us if we had heard any drum fish yet? She said they don’t hear them often in Vero beach but in other places. They are called drum fish because of their hum and bang on your boat when they eat the shrimp. I guess this guy must have been real hungry or else there were a few of them under there. Oh the things you learn when on the water! Thankfully, the noise stopped before we went to bed.

Today we travelled 20.7 nm.

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