January 10 Stuart to Peck Lake

It was a quiet night on the hook and a bright sunshiny day. Today our sweet grandson Easton, turns 3. Happy Birthday to our favourite 3 year old boy!  We called him and he said “I miss you”. I sure miss reading to him. Oh, how he loves to bring books for you to read with him. We weighed anchor at 08:10 and motored closer to where we could get the dinghy to a dock for JP to drop off our batteries. The Stuart boat show was going on so there was not too many spots. Mike found a spot and around 10:00 Mike and JP got the batteries loaded in the dinghy. Thanks again, JP. Let me tell you, those are big batteries. 4D AGM Lifeline. We had our other Lifelines in the boat since we got it, which was in 2005. And apparently they were bought in 1999 when the previous owner took Persuasion to the Bahamas. Batteries that last that long must be good! We got right to work right away. Killing two birds with one stone, we drained the engine oil as it was due to be changed. So the old batteries are out and new ones in, got clean engine oil and were able to weigh anchor again at 13:10. We saw a couple of shuttles going across the lake before leaving today. There wasn’t much to photograph along the ICW today. We arrived at Peck Lake right about the time the wind picked up. Lots of boats were already anchored. We followed the charts and it appeared there was lots of water where we wanted to anchor but unfortunately they were wrong. We ended up in 3 feet of water with Persuasion on the bottom! Oh we’ve missed running aground. lol Anyway the Captain was able to back her out after a few tries. I was beginning to think we were going to have to get out the dinghy and pull her over. Then we set the anchor but it didn’t get a hold. When the anchor came up, there was a rope hanging off it that disappeared under the water again. Finally, we found a spot and got the anchor set at 14:45. While we were anchoring, we noticed a sailboat run aground right where we did. A couple of dinghies went over to help but he was dug in. Mike lowered the dinghy, grabbed a line and went over to help. They finally got him off. We saw a boat in the anchorage from Toronto. So we took the dinghy over to meet them. They are from the Toronto Hydroplane and Sailing Club. This is their third winter going to the Bahamas. They leave their Catalina 34 named Groovin’ at Indiantown for the summer and fall. They were very knowledgeable about the Islands and we enjoyed talking with them. They are waiting for friends to join them and then will head across. They also told us that on their first trip down in 2012, they were dredging here at this anchorage. Last year, they noticed that the charts were not updated and wondered if alot of the dredging was what caused the buildup with so many boats going aground. Here is a photo of Groovin’. The sun was setting and more boats arrived. We watched some TV and worked on the blog for awhile .     Today we travelled 14.9 nm.

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