January 9 Vero Beach to Stuart

The winds in the night were not so bad and we awoke to sunny skies and water like glass. We untied from the mooring ball where Persuasion’s home had been for the past 6 weeks. We chatted with our neighbour on the same ball and after shoving away from them and wishing them fair winds, waited our turn at the dock.

Such a friendly marina here. We pulled away at 08:30. Winds were out of the North and less than 5 kn. I thought of my cousin, Delberta and husband, John when we saw this boat. Knowing how much they love to go on Blues Cruises’s. In fact, they will be boarding a ship in Fort Lauderdale on Sunday for 2 different cruises.

We had just gotten underway when we saw lots of rowers. They passed by our boat everyday this week. We could also see them doing their fitness routines up by the park. The bus driver told us that every year a group of rowers comes to Florida for a week. Last year they were from Boston and this year, from Pennsylvania. They must be as pleased as us to get away from the snow and cold.

Today was to tell the tale if our autopilot would work again. We got up to speed and tested it out. Success! Great news. The AIS and wind generator too. The Captain is very pleased.

We certainly had quite the show of dolphins playing today. Some came so close to the side of the boat that I couldn’t get a photo. They were actually touching the side. They sure love frolicking in the wake.

Along the way, we noticed this sea plane and a marina with boats and more boats.

Also more dolphins and we could see why. A fish plant was nearby with lots of fishing boats.

After passing through a lift bridge, we noticed this sign. Quite the way to get your sign noticed, isn’t it? More marinas too.

And even a pelican not far from their sign along with more out on this sand bar. Also we saw this beautiful park.

We motored along and saw some pretty nice looking homes.

We anchored in Hogs Cove, Stuart at 14:30. Our views here are none too shabby.

After supper, we called JP to let him know we had arrived and made arrangements to pick up the batteries in the morning. We were blessed with fair winds today and a nice sunset.

Today we travelled 36.5 nm.

2 thoughts on “January 9 Vero Beach to Stuart

    1. Oh, how they love the photos of dolphins. Loved watching their faces when we showed them our photos when we were home. Give them hugs from us and to cutie Elle too. xo


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