Christmas back home

We were very happy to be home for the holidays. We arrived late on Friday night the 5th  and the next morning Tayton and Easton were surprised to see us. There was a path of candy canes to where Kringle was sitting on our bags outside our bedroom door. 🙂

And Elle would not let Grampie out of her sight. They have grown since we saw them in October in Annapolis. We went over to see Sarah and James’s new home. First time seeing Sarah since we left in June and we were so glad to see her.

Scot, Jody and Margie arrived on Saturday and it was wonderful seeing them. We had not seen them since August and Margie is looking so grown up. She is so photogenic and loves to pose. She and Easton were enjoying a show on the iPad.  And she loves  getting cuddles with Grampie.

We had a lot of fun through the week. They had some fun in the snow.

And fun watching Christmas shows. While visions of calculators run through Elle’s head.

On Friday Amber, Jody and I had a special date with Sarah, James’s mom and Sarah’s childhood friend, Sarah Hobbs who will be her Bridesmaid. We left all the kids with Jason and Mike. Margie was sleeping when we left so Grampie had a nap right along with her.

We had a super time and Sarah found the perfect dress! She will be a glowing, beautiful bride in July. And no, this in not the dress she chose but you can see how gorgeous she’ll look. It was an emotional time for sure but we had a great lunch after, celebrating and making plans for the wedding.

It was Scot and Jody’s last night with us so we had an early birthday for her. She was born 2 years ago on my birthday, December 28th. She is Nannie’s birthday girl! I baked her a snowman cake and she loved it. We had a fun time celebrating.

Aren’t they all just the sweetest?

On Saturday they were gone. 😦 But so thankful for the visit. The week before Christmas flew by. We were fortunate to visit with alot of friends and enjoyed every Sunday at our church. Seeing Tayton play hockey was a real pleasure. In the first photo, he was showing Grampie and I how he handles his stick before going on the ice.

Attending his school concert was a joy too. Easton was looking spiffy too.

We had some great visits. Ray and Esther treated us to dinner at the Keg and Ken and Frances came to visit with us at Sarah’s new place. We had a coffee with our neighbours, Charlene and Jack. We saw and chatted a few times at church with Mandy and Jeremy and family, more neighbours. And I had a fun visit over lunch with 2 great gals from the church, Stacy and Tanya. We have wonderful neighbours and friends and seeing them all was so nice. Speaking of neighbours, we were invited out to the house for a great supper with our tenants. It was so fun seeing how they have made our place their home and how well they are looking after it. They love it there.

One thing that I wasn’t expecting this Christmas was a visit from our daughter in England. Rebecca has come for a visit and joined us on the boat in August. Michael was the only one who knew she was coming and he told us that he had to go do some errands in the afternoon on December 22nd while we were at Sarah’s. He did come back alone but she rang the doorbell a few minutes later and we were all screaming. She got quite the homecoming welcome!Video

I guess she did tell Scot too because she was hoping they would be in ON too for Christmas but he had to come the second week in December for his job. There was shopping, talking and laughing, lots of laughing. And of course, watching National Lampoons “Christmas Vacation”. There was the Christmas Eve service at our church followed by a pot luck feast at Amber and Jason’s with Ryan, Natalie and family. Natalie’s mom and Ken and Francis. It was a great evening. Sarah and James and Rebecca all spent the night with us at Amber’s so we could see all the excitement the next morning. And it was exciting! Christmas dinner was hosted by Sarah and James in their new home. This was a selfie of us all Christmas morning at Amber and Jason’s and the second one of us at Sarah and James’s after dinner.

I had a fun birthday on the 28th. Wonderful celebrating with family.

We both got a touch of the flu the next few days but isn’t that always the way at Christmas? We had a fun time with the grandkids at McDonalds on New Years Eve for supper and then lots of cuddles back home. We had dropped Amber and Jason at Sarah and James as they all rang in the New Year with a few of Sarah and James’s friends. They had a great time.




Mike picked them up around 01: 00 and then got back up at 04:00 to take Becca to the airport for her 06:00 flight. So wonderful having her home for the holidays.

How fast the next few days passed by! We were surprised by the lack of snow. There was some when we arrived and a bit of flurries of and on. There was snow for Christmas but by late afternoon and Boxing Day, it had almost all melted. Wouldn’t you know it, it was really storming the afternoon we left. But as you know from the blog, we made it safely back to sunny Florida.

Here is a photo gallery of our Christmas.

6 thoughts on “Christmas back home

    1. You guys better be making plans to visit us on Persuasion in the islands. Miss you all too. Was a great Christmas. Thanks for everything. xo


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