January 5 Happy New Year!

We are back in Vero Beach again after a wonderful month in Ontario visiting family and friends. Our flight was on January 3rd and as we were finishing up lunch with Amber, Jason and the grand kids along with Sarah and James, we decided to print off our boarding passes.  Amber was looking at them and all of a sudden she said “your flight is at 15:20 not 17:00”.  We had thought all along that it was at supper time. It was now 13:15 and we were in the midst of the first snowstorm we had since arriving home. Luckily we were almost packed. Just time for quick goodbyes, a few tears and Sarah speeding us to the airport in BB II. It was slippery but we made it. James circled around while she went in with us to make sure we could get on. It was well after 14:00.

We only had 2 carry-ons each and one was over weight. The kind lady at check-in allowed it to go without paying. As we were filling out our customs papers, Mike realized that he left the phone in his winter jacket that we had given to Sarah to take home. I was able to catch her (luckily she had to go to the washroom before going back outside) We finally get through the long line for security only to find out that one of our (overweight) bags needs to get checked as there was a ninja blender in it. I had gotten it for Christmas and although it wasn’t unpacked, was still a threat with a blade inside. Mike ran back to check it and after our custom check-in, it was almost 15:00. We figured we had missed the boarding. We checked the board and found it was delayed. The next few minutes, they announced that it was going to be an hour. They announced again that it was only leaving Toronto then so would be another hour.

Finally got boarded at 17:30 for the 4 hour flight and when we arrived in Fort Lauderdale, we had another 20 minute wait to get to our ramp. After collecting our one checked bag, we went outside to the shuttle pick up.  It was 24 degrees at 21:30 and a nice breeze.   Good thing, because we waited over an hour for our shuttle to our hotel. When we booked the room, the website said there was a shuttle. After seeing so many of them coming and going, we called the hotel and they said it was on demand.   So at 23:30, we  arrived! It is a beautiful new hotel and we had a great sleep,

The next morning after a good complimentary breakfast, we took the shuttle back to the airport for our car rental. We could see lots of cruise ships. Our driver told us there were 8 in port and another 6 coming in that day. He said the airport had been crazy the last couple of days with people coming for cruises.

The 2 hour drive to Vero Beach was great and we arrived before lunch. It was a bright sunny day, 27 degrees. The guy looking after our boat dingied us out to our mooring and said there were no issues on Persuasion while we were gone. We turned on the fridge,  unpacked a bit and then dingied in to go for lunch and do some provisioning for the Bahamas.

When we got back, we found the breeze was gone and it was muggy Of course with no breeze, the no-see-ums were out. Lots of them must have gotten in while we were bringing in the groceries because we had a dreadful night and still have the welts from all the scratching.

This morning, Jan 5, we were up early to take the rental back. Also had to go to UPS and send back our AIS. (They had sent a new one here while we were home as it was still under warranty). While we waited for UPS to open, we enjoyed Panera Bread coffee and after buying our snorkel gear, caught the bus back to the marina.We met a lovely couple at the bus stop who have a 55 ft trawler and also headed to the Bahamas in February.  They gave us some tips on places to anchor and visit in the Bahamas.

The afternoon was spent  getting the AIS up and running and then we worked on the wind generator. Got a few facetimes in and got a phone call from a couple we met in Shediac. They along with a guy Mike worked with at CN and his wife are coming to visit us tomorrow, One couple is wintering in Stuart and the other couple in Fort Pierce.  Looking forward to seeing them all.

We hope to be leaving in a couple of days heading towards Lake Worth.  From there we will wait for a weather window for a good crossing to the Bahamas.   Also in the next few days, I will be going through the many photos  of our Christmas at home and will post a few. There is really no place like home for the holidays.

Hope you all enjoyed a wonderful Christmas and that your New Year will be blessed with peace, good health and happiness.

12 thoughts on “January 5 Happy New Year!

  1. Wish I could be snorkeling with you guys!!

    Beautiful weather and can’t wait for more updates. Miss you guys already

    Love you xx


  2. Its great to hear that you have had a wonderful Christmas Holiday, it is especially so when you get to be with family and friends; we have enjoyed ours as well; glad that you are back safely; I have been going back through all of your travels and re-enjoying them and looking forward to vicariously going along on your new adventures! Thank you for keeping the blog going!


    1. Thank you Richard. Christmas is best with family and friends for sure. Glad you had a great one too. You are a faithful follower and happy that you are enjoying the blog. We too have looked back and seeing the photos helps us relive the wonderful times we’ve had. One day, you may just find yourself on your own boat enjoying your own adventure down here!


  3. Sounds like you might not still be in Vero Beach when we get there late Friday. Our friend, Robert Chase, might stop by to see if he can find you and say Hi. Safe travels.


    1. Leaving tomorrow for Stuart. Hoping we can see you on the weekend at some point. No sign of your friend but we have been off the boat a few times doing errands. Safe travels to you too. xo Mae


    1. Yes I agree Doreen, it was very stressful. And I can see how stressed this would be for someone like yourself, an excellent master planner. 🙂 We were so happy to finally arrive and even happier to see that everything was good on Persuasion after leaving her on the mooring ball for a month.


    1. Yes, Charlene, I hear it is extremely cold this week there. We are grateful to be here. I was thinking of you when we left on Saturday. Meant to give you a call. Hope you had a great birthday.


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