December 2 – 5 Velcro’d to Vero Beach

Our last few days in Vero Beach were busy getting evrything ready to head home for the holidays. Tuesday, the 2nd, we caught the bus and took our wind generator part up to UPS to be sent back. And on Wednesday morning, we did a trial run on packing bags. I had brought 2 duffle bags with us, knowing we would need bags to bring home. I also had my back pack. They weren’t quite big enough and since we are allowed 2 carry-on bags each, we decided we would take the bus over to Walmart and Target to do a bit of shopping. Got our bag, met a couple while waiting for the bus that are also at the marina. then we ordered a pizza for supper.

Thursday, December 4th. We had a nice sunrise this morning.

Happy Birthday to our oldest daughter, Amber Dawn. You are an amazing person, wife and mom and we look forward to a belated celebration with you on the weekend. Sorry we had such a bad connection for facetiming. Mike and I dingied in with the laundry and seemed like everyone waited until today for laundry. We were also waiting for the Orion space launch. We would have had a perfect view to see it soar upward from the marina. We were disappointed when it was delayed. However, while waiting for laundry, we got caught up on some emails. We also put the fridge on defrost this morning. Last night, I gave some of the food away to the boat that is rafted beside us on the mooring ball. They are from Annapolis and waiting for a window to cross to the Bahamas. We heard back from our guy about our wind generator and there was a faulty brush in the slip ring. So they have repaired it and will ship it back here to the marina.

After the laundry was finished, we cleaned and got our bags repacked. Later in the day, we ran in to the showers and came back to Persuasion to take some of the enclosure down and get the dinghy hoisted up. It started raining later in the evening and then in the night, it really poured on and off. We were hoping it would clear up for the space launch today, the 5th, but it didn’t. The guy who is looking after Persuasion came to pick us up at 07:40. By that time, it was really coming down. We had our bags in garbage bags and had rain ponchos on and still got a bit wet. We took the bus to the car rental place and by then, it had let up. It was a little over 2 hours to Fort Lauderdale. We waited around the airport all afternoon for the flight and headed to Charlotte, NC first. Had to run to catch our connecting flight to Ottawa. And got in at 22:30. Long day but so happy to be home. Amber picked us up and we chatted with her and Jason for awhile. Will be wonderful seeing the grandkids in the morning. Excited to see Sarah and James in their new home tomorrow and also for Scot, Jody and Margaret to arrive. The past 6 months, we have travelled over 3500 nm and today we flew over 1177 nm to get home.

Here is a photo of the day we left and the day we arrived home, 6 months later.


Our adventure will continue in the new year. We fly to Fort Lauderdale on Jan 3 and will spend the few days after that provisioning the boat and waiting for a window to sail to the Bahamas. Will be continuing to keep you up to date on the blog at that time. Wishing all our followers a very Merry Christmas and much happiness and good health in the new year.

4 thoughts on “December 2 – 5 Velcro’d to Vero Beach

  1. Hello there,

    Good to see you guys made it to the warm water. Better than the cold St. Lawrence. Hope you had a good Christmas and New Years.

    What was the software navigation program you were running on your Ipad? I just got a new ipad and was looking to upload and I remember that you really liked some software and it seemed to work ok.

    Ron O.


    1. Ron

      Up until now I was running Navionics on an android tablet. One of my Christmas gifts was Garmin Blue Charts for Ipad. This app is fully integrated with Active Captain. Active Captain is a great app (at least in the US) that shows marinas, anchorages, local knowledge and hazards. I can’t speak to Garmin’s charting. I used Navionics exclusively at the helm on our cruise thus far and am extremely satisfied I just wish Active Captain was integrated.



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