November 27 – December 1 Vero Beach

November 27 Thursday

Happy American Thanksgiving! We awoke this morning to a beautiful day. We dingied in to start laundry and shower. A lady who was drying her hair at the shower asked me if we had gone over to the building where the pot luck was today. She said we should take our plates, silverware and glasses over. On the way there, we got these photos of some wildlife.

IMG_8389The tables had been set up and we picked a spot, placed our name and dishes so as to reserve a place. And then back to the boat and started making the stuffing. It was really nice and warm when we headed back over at 12:30. We couldn’t believe how many dinghies were there when we arrived.

We met some great people at our table. One couple who was from Barrie and didn’t live far from where we lived when we were living in Barrie. And another couple from NS who used to live in Moncton. It was a great time and so much food. There were well over 100 people there, the most they have ever had. The turkeys and hams were cooked by CLOD’s. (Cruisers living on dirt now). The rest was pot luck from the boaters. And to help with the cost of the ham and turkey you give a donation for the sailing school. After there was singsongs. We left at 17:00 and some were still there. We took the camera but guess we were too busy eating and talking to get photos.

November 28 Friday

The temperatures today were much different than yesterday. Cloudy and cold, although not as cold as it was last week. We called Sarah as they are getting their keys today for their first home. So exciting! We decided we would take the bus up to Walmart. Thought it would be really busy with Black Friday shoppers but seemed rather quiet. Although the store was a mess and it was around 14:00 when we got there so guess the rush was over. Mike worked on the autopilot and we need to get some parts for it. We called some more marinas to see if we could find a place for Persuasion over Christmas. One place in Fort Pierce may have room next week and another place to try on Monday in Stuart. They are closed for the holiday weekend. Amber tried to facetime when they were at Sarah and James’s new place but had a poor connection. Maybe tomorrow.

November 29 Saturday

It was a nice warm day and Mike took the wind generator down. The other day when we were motoring and it was very windy, we could hear the brake come on which is normal. But we also noticed that no lights were coming on. He checked all the wires and did a bit of trouble shooting back and forth with the company where we bought it. Finally, had to take the top part off and will send it back to the company.

November 30 Sunday

IMG_8425Lots of rain in the night. But beautiful out in this morning. We went into the showers and were going to go to church today but there was none within walking distance and no buses run on Sunday. After lunch we went for a walk and got some shots from the bridge.

And some more of the boat launch area.

Here’s some by the marina. The trees here with the Spanish moss are lovely.

IMG_8469And there is no worries of not seeing wildlife.

We facetimed with some of the kids and was surprised to see how settled Sarah and James are in their new home. Can’t wait to see it in person. Scot, Jody and Margie were in the car going to cut their Christmas tree. Margie was sleeping but they told us that they will be in ON from the 8th to the 13th. And we are hoping to have a place for Persuasion so we can be home by then to see them. That will be awesome. Looked at the prices for flights on different sites.

December 1 Monday

Six months ago today, we started our adventure. Funny, it was a beautiful sunny warm day and today it is the same here. We have travelled over 3500 nm. We were ready early this morning to catch the 08:00 bus to take our wind generator up to the UPS store. Then had a coffee and snack at Panera Bread while we were waiting for the bus.  When we got back, we made some more phone calls for storing the boat. The place in Fort Pierce, about a 6 hour sail away form here, has some boats that are waiting for a weather window for crossing to the Bahamas. Then, they would have room for us. It is giving east winds all this week so no luck there and the one is Stuart is full too. The same for some boats here that want to head out but can’t get that window. The marina here will let us stay but after 72 hours, there has to be someone to check in regularly on it on the mooring ball. They gave us a name of a guy on his boat here and Mike talked to him. The price is great, both for the mooring and to have him check our boat. He said he will pick us up at our mooring so we can leave the dinghy on the boat while we are gone. We got on the net, found the best price on tickets and got our car rental booked for Friday! Woohoo!! Fly out of Fort Lauderdale. And we get right into Ottawa. At first, we were considering flights to Syracuse.

IMG_8465Oh, and today, Mike saw a manatee in the water by the boat, We didn’t get a photo, he didn’t resurface. We see all the signs posted around the marina to watch out for them. We did see this little guy though on our way back from the dinghy dock today.

6 thoughts on “November 27 – December 1 Vero Beach

    1. Yes, we are so excited. Can’t wait to see them all. And Sarah and James new home and also quite the surprise having Scot, Jody and Margie there too for a week! Now if only Becca had vacation. 😦 Lots of Facetimes with her, I guess.


  1. We will have our cell with us while in Stuart. 1-506-380-3120
    Have a safe trip, Merry Christmas and hopefully will see you in the new year


    1. Great JP. Looking forward to seeing you and Dianne. Just heard from Bill Ross too. Wow, small world, hoping to see them too.


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