November 26 Cocoa Beach to Vero Beach Marina

IMG_8283Well, we awoke a few times in the night to the pounding rain. It seemed like it would never end. The cockpit even had water in it, running down the front of the boat and in under the dodger. It had let up by time we weighed anchor at 07:00 and headed out.IMG_8287

Once underway, the Captain tried the autopilot. Success! It purred along and it was nice to have the hands free back! Except it wasn’t back for long, about an hour. The Captain thinks the brushes need replacing in the drive motor.

IMG_8291It started raining again and continued on for awhile. It was dull and chilly out now too. There were very few boats out on the water, one of them a riverfront tour boat.

We’ve come upon lots of hydro lines across the water beside the bridges here and were quite surprised to see this rather unique looking ship all tied up by the bushes.

And today, we saw more abandoned boats. Seems like people just leave them where they beached.



The rain started up again for awhile today, so we didn’t get to photograph a lot for awhile. We did see a trailer park and a marina after the rain tapered off.

After lunch, it cleared off and although cold, was nice to see some sun. We couldn’t believe the size of this bird nest here on the marker in the ditch. And while taking the photo, also noticed one up in the tree.

And then came the houses. So many beautiful looking homes.

Had so many to pick from but will add a couple more and this one just being built is gonna be quite the showpiece too.

We called ahead to Vero Beach Municipal Marina and was able to get a mooring ball for the night. We motored in and got tied up around 14:30. We lowered the dinghy and went in to register. We were told that buses to the stores and beach were free of charge in this city. And we should check the cruisers lounge for the sign up sheet for the pot luck tomorrow for the Thanksgiving feast. We did and met some nice people and then took the bus up to Publix to get a few things for the dinner. We are beginning to see what the lady that we met in Annapolis meant when she said they call it Velcro Beach instead of Vero Beach. They have been coming here for 6 years. We expect to stay here for a few days. There is a possibility we can leave Persuasion here when we go home for Christmas. Although we do have other places to contact. We may get some Black Friday shopping done here and go to the beach, if it warms up.

The first two photos were taken on the way in to the marina and the snapshot of the sunset was taken while we were waiting for the bus to pick us up at the market.

Today we travelled 48.3 nm.

6 thoughts on “November 26 Cocoa Beach to Vero Beach Marina

  1. A lot of those abandoned boats are from hurricanes. We saw a lot on the way to key west and they were from hurricane andrew that hit that area years before. you would think they would make people clean them up. Its funny when it rains in Florida its tropical rain , it comes down really heavy. I couldnt believe it the first year we were there.The big trees with the spanish moss are called live oak trees , they dont lose their leaves until the new ones come.


    1. yes, we wondered that Charlene. Yes, it seems they should be made to get them out of the water. And about the rain, we couldn’t believe it either. Thanks for the info on the oak trees. We have also learned that the Spanish moss originated in the US, not Spain and is not moss but rather a vine. Very interesting looking stuff.


  2. Hi Guys – Must say enjoying reading about your trip thus far but have a little question for you
    regarding what you guys are using for charting. Are you using GPS/Chart Plotter, paper chart or
    chart books. Thinking that your probably using both so wondering where you picked them up.
    Just asking for the time being as never know when. Safe trip, enjoy the holidays, maybe some beach, somewhere.


    1. Hi JP

      Nice to here from you. You are correct, we are using a combination. All charts are electronic (well almost). I have 3 independent sets just in case one fails. 1 – Raymarine radar/chart plotter, 2 – laptop as chartplotter running NavSim Sailcruiser 3 and 3 android tablet running Navionics. Also at any one time there are 3 GPS running. I also have a 4th set of charts both electronic and paper that I picked up the boat show for the Bahamas. I have a few cruising guides that I picked up along the way. Another great tool is Active Captain companion. It gives information on marinas, anchorages, hazards and local knowledge. It works well with Garmin blue charts. For my systems I could only down load the map they provide and it isn’t as interactive as blue chart. I’ll send you their latest newsletter.

      Cut those dock lines and head south



      1. Thanks for the info Mike. Know your planning on heading North for the Holidays, We are heading to Stuart, Fl (by auto) for the winter and will be there Jan 1st. Let me know where
        you guys plan on leaving your boat and may be able to drop down to say Hi, and perhaps have a cold one.


      2. JP

        We are returning to the boat around the 3rd of Jan. Send me your phone # via email and I’ll give you a call when we get back. We should be around the Ft. Pierce area.



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