November 24 Matanzas River to Rockhouse Creek Mile 842

It was a quiet night, other than the shrimp crackling away on the hull of the boat. We weighed anchor and left at 07:15. We saw some condos that would have a front view of the ocean and on our port side along the ICW, a marina that had some pretty big boats.

Lots of dolphins were frolicking around today too, some right beside the boat.

We passed by a beautiful National Research Reserve today. ” Bings Landing in Flagler County Park”.

And hey, we saw a man hauling in his shrimp net. Hope he got something. And then we saw what was probably at one time a very busy boat yard. Quite a large building and boat ramp.

We cannot believe these homes with the screened in areas. Makes for a very comfortable time without bugs but man, these places are huge.

These condos are all pastel coloured and equally large boats. This one is all decked out for the holiday season.

We saw a really strange live aboard today. It had anchors in the front and back and tied to shore. It was evident that it had not been moved for quite awhile.

After going through more lift bridges, one with painted murals, we decided to anchor off the ICW at Daytona beach. We set the anchor and after planning our route for tomorrow, we decided we would press on as it was still early.

We pull into the anchorage and set the hook at 16:10. A quiet looking place where we can see the ocean and still be in a protected spot with dolphins swimming all around.

A nice view and sunset tonight too.

Today we travelled 44.4 nm.

2 thoughts on “November 24 Matanzas River to Rockhouse Creek Mile 842

  1. Really enjoying your journey, Mae and Mike. Love the wildlife and sunset pics. We are having a snow storm here today. Wish we were with you đŸ™‚


    1. Yes, we are enjoying seeing all the wildlife along the banks and in the trees. Hoping to see a manatee to photograph. Would be great to have you guys on board here! We have heard about the storms back home and guess we will be back to them soon. Heading home to ON in a few days.


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