November 23 St. Augustine to Matanzas River Mile 792

Well it did rain in the night, and some lightning. Thunder was off in the distance. The dinghy was full of rain when we headed into the marina for shower. It is warm out but dull and overcast. We did a few updates on the iPad at the lounge and then headed back. We said goodbye to Catherine and Gavin on Jump and left the mooring field at 10:15.

Not a lot of sights along the way today. We did see quite a few, well okay, maybe hundreds of birds on this dock, walkway and after going through this lift bridge we are now noticing a lot of the lift bridges have their counterweights out the back. Something we only started seeing here in Florida. We spotted this fish camp.

Lots of different types of houses today too.

And we sure see a lot of signs warning of Manatees. A few minutes later we come upon this abandoned boat. Sure looks like it’s been there for awhile.

And this place is so different. We were not sure if this was just a dockside place or their house. The grounds behind looks so nice with the sculptures.I

The name on the structure was Sundown and we could see that the grounds also had a totem pole.

We motored on and saw lots of wildlife today. Still no alligators or manatees but lots of pelicans and cranes.

We set anchor at 12:30. A short day but the next anchorage would have been miles and miles away and we got a late start. After lunch, Mike took out the linear drive of the auto pilot and looked for more answers as to why it is not working. It is a quiet anchorage in here and across from Fort Matanzas. There is a shuttle for the state park that brings visitors over. We thought of getting the dinghy down and going over but by time we finished things we decided to stay put. There is a bridge to the far right of us and we can hear the ocean. Another sailboat pulls in for the night here.

Just before dusk, we hear some honking and look up to see geese heading south like us, seeking warmer weather. And although this next photo is a bit blurry, this crane was truly the king of the castle.

Today we traveled 13.1 nm.

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