November 19-22 Sitting in St. Augustine

Wow, the shrimp were busy last night. I reckon’ the bottom of the boat must be so clean! It is still very cold and windy here. We all went in to use the laundromat and before 11:00, we shoved off the dock and took a mooring ball. We were all content to stay in the boat and keep warm as the weather was so cold. Mike spent the afternoon trying to figure out what was wrong with our AIS. We are transmitting but not receiving. No luck.

The next day, we bundled up and walked up to West Marine and Home Depot. We also found a Harbor Freight Tools to stroll around and look for bargains. Then around lunch time, we saw a Steak n’ Shake so thought we would check that out. We had heard good things about it from my sister. It was a cheap price and milkshakes were very good. Long walk back to the boat and then time for a snooze. The sun was warm but the wind is still biting.

On Friday, we were up early as we had rented a car. The captains of our vessels had an appointment at 13:00 hrs with Homeland Security about checking in. Jim had a message from someone in Charleston telling us we needed to make an appointment in Florida. We had to go out to the airport for this and it was about 5 miles away. First, we went to get some propane and groceries and then dropped them off at the boat. Turns out, we were doing everything alright with Homeland Security. So that was good news. The officer said they do things different in the north than down here. Anyway, we were relieved.

Amazing Grace headed further south today while we stayed on the mooring ball for a couple more days. That afternoon, we tried to find out more about our AIS and also the autopilot. Neither is working since the storm on the 17th. We have emailed our insurance lady and she is out of the office until the 24th. We also did some more research on where we should leave the boat for the month we will be back home.

On Saturday, we followed all the wires around for the autopilot and tested everything and still nothing. We talked with a couple that we met at the Canadian get together in Annapolis, Catherine and Gavin aboard their 46 ft. sailboat, Jump. They stopped by as they were returning to their boat moored beside us. They are hauling their boat out here and getting some work done on it. Another Canadian guy dingied over to introduce himself and gave us lots of names of places for leaving the boat as we get further south. He and his wife just bought a different boat and leave it in Georgia, In the summer, they live aboard their fifth wheel in Alberta.

In the afternoon, we went in to take the trolley train around the city. It was overcast and started to rain. We stayed on board and some of the photos of the city are in the gallery below. After that, we visited with more boaters in the lounge, some of them have been following us since before Charleston, they said. And another couple that we had met in Beaufort, SC. That evening, at 18:30, St. Augustine had the 21st tree lighting ceremony and then the lighting of trees and businesses. Thousands of lights. Very pretty. And mobs of people around.

We facetimed with some of the kids tonight. Sarah and James are babysitting at Amber and Jason’s while they are at a wedding. It is giving rain for tonight and more thunderstorms throughout the day tomorrow. Most of the couples we talked to are staying put until it clears. We will see what the morning brings us for weather.

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