November 18 Ft. George River to St. Augustine FL

Well, the calm that we saw at sundown sure belied the quiet night we thought we’d have. The winds blew loud and strong all night. Mike got up a few times to check the anchor and silence the halyards. It was a sleepless night and real cold this morning. 8C in the salon again this morning. The wind is biting. We weighed anchor at 07:30. We were anchored across from the Timucuan Preserve and historic Kingsley Plantation. It is the oldest plantation in Florida.

One of the first things we noticed this morning was this nuclear plant in the area and as we radioed the bridge, this eagle flew overhead.

We arrived at the lift bridge just in time for the opening so went right on through. I know you have all seen so many bridge photos on our journal but this is the first time we have gone under one like this. Mike it was the first time the counter weights were visible out the back. Oh and thank you to one of our followers, our friend Ken, that emailed us about the suspension bridge we wrote about in the November 16th entry. Ken said it was not a suspension bridge but a cable stayed bridge. Of course he was right. We are grateful to you for letting us know and will correct that in the blog. And we love that you take time to fill us in on all the bridge projects starting way back in Ottawa.

Then on the other side of the bridge, there were lots of cranes and we could see it was quite a ship building area. Even navy ships there, saw one being worked on and not sure what the red one was that was being restored.

We motored on past this large condominium or dockominium area.

We needed fuel and on our way in to the dock we saw this sign posted. We will be on the look out for manatees and take precautions to protect them.. There are always warnings on Channel 16 too for wright whales, an endangered species. Boaters must be careful when motoring around them. We did see this large white pelican and a neat air boat on our way out of the fuel dock.

We can not believe how cold it is today. It is by far the coldest yet because of the wind chill. What a welcome we have had, thunder, lightning, hail, high winds and the coldest weather on record. We blew into Florida, literally! The young man who looked after us at the fuel dock said he has lived here 21 years and never seen such wind and rain as yesterday and never felt it this cold.

A few minutes later we were surprised to see the Mayo Clinic from the water.




As we motor on, we are amazed at the size of the homes here along the canal. We have so many photos of houses, it was hard just to pick out a few.

And even the decks are massive, and some homes have started Christmas decorating.

A few dolphins playing in the water entertain us too.

We go through the Bridge of Lions and take a slip at the municipal marina in St. Augustine at 15:00 hr.

We check out the facilities. It is a lovely marina, get a shower and then we walk, and walk, at least 2 miles up to a Target. We get a few things and Jim and Cheryl get an electric heater. It is giving record low temperatures in the morning. It’s great to use the little space heater when plugged in at the dock. We heard Sonny’s BBQ pit was a good place to eat so we went there for supper. It was just ok, nothing fantastic. We took a cab back to the boat and got the heater cranked on. It is chilly! And the shrimp are noisy tonight! Still finding it hard to believe that we are actually in Florida. Maybe we will really believe it when the weather warms up. Tomorrow, we plan to take a mooring ball and stay here for 3 days.

Today we traveled 38.6 nm.

4 thoughts on “November 18 Ft. George River to St. Augustine FL

  1. I really hope you start getting some warmer weather VERY soon. A friend of mine who lives in FL insists that you can’t count on warm weather until you’re south of Ocala. Not far now!

    BTW – there aren’t any nuclear power plants in NE Florida. My best guess for the cooling towers you saw is Northside generating station. It’s on the north shore of the St. Johns R., WSW of Timucuan Preserve. 🙂


    1. Finally getting warmer weather! Guess your friend knows what he is talking about. Thanks for the info on the nuclear power plant. Sounds like you are right about the generating station in that area. That is exactly where we were when we saw the station.


  2. nov 24, We are experiencing some mild weather today and it was plus 20. I see you are finally getting some heat and some more thunderstorms. I suppose Amber probably told you.Glad you are finally getting warmed up. charlene


    1. Yes, we heard that it was nice and warm there. Nice that you got the lights up so early and not in frigid weather. We had a cold day on Friday here but it has been seasonably warm ever since. Thanksgiving on Thursday was beautiful and today it is 79. 🙂


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