November 16 New Teakettle Creek to Shellbine Creek, GA Mile 696

Well, this morning was a little warmer. 12C on Persuasion when we awoke. Better than the 8C yesterday. But it was a little awhile before we took photos. When we open up the enclosure to take pictures, we feel how cold it is. Mike says “Are you finished yet? Close up the pneumonia hole”. We did see a home right on the canal and a guy fishing this morning and a flock of pelicans.

Salty Paws heads past us and a while later we see a neat looking little boat coming towards us.

We went under a couple of bridges at different places along the canal today and we noticed they had left the structures of the old bridges along side.

And speaking of bridges, we watched this cable stayed bridge for what seemed like hours today before finally passing it by. We didn’t go under it though.

We did get the jib up for awhile today, certainly not as much tacking as yesterday. We then came upon some boats out racing today. We could hear them chattering on the radio.

Passing by Jekyll Island, we notice that it is quite a place for hotels and resorts. Very nice.

A little marina there too and cottages.

Trolley tours and a water park and sandy beaches. Looks like a great place for families.

Again today we could see out to the ocean and as we crossed St. Andrews Sound, it was rough and foggy.

A couple of fisherman were out in the sound.

Finally, we get out of the sound and to our anchorage. We set the hook at 15:00 hrs. After supper and blogging, we turn in early. We should be in Florida tomorrow!

Today we travelled 45 nm.

5 thoughts on “November 16 New Teakettle Creek to Shellbine Creek, GA Mile 696

  1. WOOHOO!! Great to year you are almost in FL!!! I have been trying to FaceTime for three or four days, so thankful for this blog and updates!!! xoxox


  2. Hey guys!!!! We have been wondering how you guys have been doing? Sorry to hear that the weather is still cold!!! We are still getting adjusted to the cold here at home.

    Where in Florida are you? Just be glad you are not in New York!!! Crazy buried in snow eh ! 76″ in just overnight!

    Safe travel!!! Lots of love from us! Ray and Esther


    1. Not sure where my comment went on this, maybe didn’t post before the internet went off. bad connections sometimes. I was telling you that on the date you wrote this, we were in St. Augustine. So will write the comment again. We were extremely happy not to be in New York. What a mess. We saw lots of photos on the news. Crazy!


  3. Hey M&M

    Keep blogging. We are enjoying your effort and adventure. We have another friend from Oswego in your area and hope you meet up with her. She is soloing her 30 footer to bahamas for another year and last we heard she was hanging out in the St Augustine area. Keep an eye out for her. Boat name Krazy Lady II and usually has her AIS up and running.

    We are interested in how your new power generation works out for you.

    All the best Brian and Joy


    1. We didn’t see her boat, Brian but will keep an eye for her. We are coming home for a month over Christmas. Glad to hear you are following the blog. Guess all the boats are out and winterized now at the club. Have a great Christmas.


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