November 15 Herb River to New Teakettle Creek M 646

What a cold, windy morning. The news this morning showed cold all across the country, said we were in a Polar Vortex. It was 8C on Persuasion this morning. We believe this is the coldest since our days on the Gaspe when we had a morning of 5C. It was hats and gloves again this morning when we weighed anchor at 07:20. Look at some of these homes that were in our anchorage.

Not long after we were underway, we spotted a couple of dolphins playing off Amazing Grace’s bow and then we headed into the Isle of Hope marina for fuel. We met a couple of other boaters from the Toronto area. One couple in a power catamaran, named Salty Paws and another couple in a Tartan 46, named Irish Mist.

Sure felt like snow when on the dock but eventually the sun warmed up the enclosure. However, sticking your head out to take pictures, you could feel the bite of the cold. We went by this private marina today. Interesting travel lift for the boats.

We had the jib out today and because of the route of the canal, did a lot of jibing and tacking. Other boats ahead were doing the same thing. The winds were pretty strong 15-20 kns with gust to 25 NNE. But the pelicans didn’t mind the winds, they basked in the sun on the sandy shore.

Another fisherman out today with his nets down. Kudos to these people who work in cold temperatures to make a living.

We sailed along and could see off to the port side how we could get out of the ditch and head out to the ocean but today would definitely not be a good day out there with the wind. We will gladly stay on the ICW with the pelicans.


We just keep on sailin’.

And these two eagles keep us entertained for awhile as they soar around us.

And of course we can always depend on the pelicans to help us pass the time. They look so funny when they dive head first into the water.

The skies started to look a bit eerie as we motored along to get to our anchorage, We could see the power cat, Salty Paws was already there. We dropped the hook at 16:20. A long, cold 9 hour day on the water.

The wind was howling and everyone stayed put on their own boats. A great night for spaghetti and caesar salad. The buddy propane heater kept us warm while we watched a marathon of Law and Order Criminal Intent on TV.

Today we travelled 54.2 nm.

3 thoughts on “November 15 Herb River to New Teakettle Creek M 646

  1. Hi there! Mike and I have been following you on your blog. Very, very interesting. Hope you get to warmer climates soon. Take heart, there’s snow on the ground here this morning. 😦


    1. Good to hear from you and Ginette. Finally getting warm temperatures now and thankful we have no snow. Guess you will be heading to warmer climates soon too. 🙂


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