November 14 Beaufort SC to Herb River GA Mile 585

Wow, it is sure cold this morning. I even had to don gloves and my hat again, The weatherman was right when he said it would be turning colder. We left our anchorage in False Creek, Beaufort at 08:15.

Mary came out to wave goodbye and wish us a safe journey. She and her hubby Mitch are the ones we met with the trawler. They are from Toronto and then relocated to Winnipeg for awhile and eventually to North Carolina the last few years. Very nice people. They have been here for a month and are heading to Florida in a few days. The other boat called Vision is the one that Diane and Gary,( the couple who was at dinner with us last night) just bought. They plan to live aboard this winter, but today with this cold, may have been at their daughters. She is married to a marine and they are stationed here now. Here is a waterside view photo of the Fillin” Station. Nothin’ fancy, but close to the marina and great owners with super prices.

If you find yourself down this way, you must come into Beaufort and meet the folks at the Lady’s Island Marina. These folks are so friendly. We hear so often how friendly Canadians are, well these folks sure are too, so genuine and welcoming.

While we were waiting for the bridge to open, we snapped a few shots of Old Town Beaufort from our starboard side. Definitely a place we need to spend a few hours meandering around next time. Apparently, lots of historic and beautiful shops in the town, that we can’t see waterside.

That bridge, the Woods Memorial Bridge is the bridge that was used in the movie Forrest Gump. The scene where he was running on a bridge and a sign that read Welcome to Mississippi.

The next bridge we went under, we saw a man under sail stuck on the side of the bridge. Amazing Grace was behind us and she came to the rescue They were able to pull him off and he was most thankful.

And shortly after, we went by a naval station. We couldn’t see the whole words on the water tower but was thinking it said We Make Marines.

We really got an up close look today at a shrimp boat in action and guessing from the birds around, they had a good catch today. Neat name on the boat too.

We were in the Calibogue Sound today. What do you think of that Sarah and James? Spelled a little different from your Calabogie but still made us think of you guys. And we saw some dolphins playing and a marina. What do you think of the name on this boat, Amber? Brings back memories of Doug and Pearl and your first cabbage patch doll, eh?

As of 15:00 and on the Savannah river, we crossed into Georgia. We went under our first double lift bridge and then see some pretty big homes.

It is still cold and windy as we head into our anchorage. We set the hook at 16:15. Tonight we made our first meal in the pressure cooker we bought at the boat show. Meatloaf and it was very good. Wow, it is a chilly evening, had to run the buddy tonight for awhile.

Today we travelled 43.9 nm.

4 thoughts on “November 14 Beaufort SC to Herb River GA Mile 585

    1. Yes, brings back lots of memories. Oh, how you loved Helena. Although, Elle really suits our baby Elle. Lets keep Helena for all the memories of Doug and Pearl and your cabbage patch doll. xo


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