November 13 Beaufort SC

We got to sleep in this morning! After breakfast, we made plans with Jim and Cheryl to walk around town. After we dinghy in to the marina, we talked with some of the folks there. Quite a few of them are heading to the Bahamas. Lots of friendly doggies around.

We met a lovely couple today who are headed south on their trawler. They took us on board and it is so roomy. Then we walk up to a boat store, hardware store and other shops. We see some huge trees with Spanish moss on them.

After lunch, we were going to take the bicycles from the marina and bike across the bridge to Old Town Beaufort. We decided to do some jobs aboard the boats. Before going back to the boat Mike check our email and Active Captain messages. Our new friend we met in Annapolis, Ross from Black Hawke V, sent Mike a message that he got de-masted. We told Jim and Cheryl and they called him. Apparently he got caught in a current and then hit the bridge while he was working on bringing in his main sail. Fortunately he wasn’t hurt and he was able to make it to a marina to get hauled out in Norfolk. Poor guy,  hope everything gets sorted out for him soon.

Mike spotted this bald eagle up on a post and I guess the guy across from our anchorage did too and then we see one on a mast too.

We could hear them chattering before flying away, eventually heading off behind the trees.

The afternoon passed quickly and we headed back to the Fillin’ Station for supper. They have Wednesday, Thursday, Friday night deals. Thursdays is 2 pork chops, scalloped potatoes, beans and corn for $5.00. It is a busy, popular place for boaters, locals and for those wanting take out too. We met Diane there again and this time her hubby, Gary came. He is a retired lawyer and getting used to life aboard a sailboat. We had a great visit with them. She was telling us that she looked for us today because she was going to drive us over to Old Beaufort today. She says it was ranked #1 for America’s Happiest Seaside Town .and that they have great walking tours of the old city. We debated whether to stay tomorrow and go but it is giving colder weather and think we should get going, maybe on our way back or another time.

2 thoughts on “November 13 Beaufort SC

    1. And Jack, this is the Admiral here. I would love to trade for that boat. I think the Captain would too. Looks like a real beauty! Imagine it is gorgeous and spacious inside too.


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