November 11 Charleston to Church Creek SC Mile 487

Remembrance Day in Canada, Veterans day in the USA. We are missing the ceremonies at the cenotaph back home. Thankful for those who fought for our freedom. Thankful for my Dad who made it home safely from the horrors of war and saddened for the families of the men and women who were not that fortunate. So many lives lost at such a young age. Feeling greatfull today. “May we never forget”.

Very windy this morning and the current is so swift and strong here. We are lucky though as according to Active Captain, there are 2 wrecks in here. We were up early and showered and blogged and then dingied over to amazing Grace to visit. With the tide lower, we could see a mast sticking up from one of the wrecks that is mentioned in Active Captain. Apparently there are 2 of them in here. We have noticed 2 derelict boats in here. Looks like the owners just walked away from them.

After awhile we dingy over to the dock and look for a restaurant for brunch. Two locals recommended the one right by the marina. It was a great choice, called Salty Mike’s. Very good home cookin’. They even had alligator, although none of us were brave enough to try it. When we went back out, Esther noticed this sign on the side door. This was our first time seeing a sign like that. Then we all piled in the van and headed across the bridge to Walmart. And on our way back, we got a shot of Persuasion from the bridge.

We get our provisions, say good bye to Ray and Esther once again and then head back to Persuasion to get some miles under her hull today. Thanks again guys and we will see you at Christmas.

I will add a few photos that were taken when we were coming in to Charleston yesterday. It is a city that we would like to explore again. I would love to see the plantations that were in the North and South mini series. Maybe when we get our RV, Esther. 😉

We also saw these foils out on the water yesterday, so fast and they don’t even touch the water.




So hopefully, one day we will return but for today, we weigh anchor at 13:30, go under the Wappoo lift bridge and see a lot of netting under the bridge and along the sides.

We were fighting the current for most of the day and the most Persuasion could do was 4.5 kn. We motored on and saw many different kinds of houses.

Today, the view was mostly homes along the canal, so we will add a few more.

When the tide changed we got a push from the current and Persuasion was giving us some higher speeds.

We pulled into our anchorage and set the hook at 17:00. We were greeted by some wildlife.

Shortly after, we were rewarded with another South Carolina sunset.

Today we travelled 16.6 nm.

2 thoughts on “November 11 Charleston to Church Creek SC Mile 487

  1. We tried allegator and Jack didnt like but hes fussy anyway. I thought it tasted like chicken. When I had it , it was breaded and deep fried.I think one could acquire a taste for it. I would rather it was on my plate as chasing me in the water. ha ha


  2. Haha love Charlene’s

    Stunning sunset and lovely to be updated on your adventures! So
    Happy you’re seeing friends on the way and stay safe in those high winds!! Love you guys xoxo


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