November 10 Awendaw Creek to Charleston SC

A nice sunny morning. We pulled away from the anchorage at 07:20 and as we were motoring out, a dolphin was in by the marsh looking for food.

This lady was enjoying her morning coffee at the campsite.

As we motor along under the sunshine, we notice the moon is hanging around too.

We are still amazed at the length of the dock walkways to the houses and we wonder what the design of this house is supposed to be.

We go through the Isle of Palms where we see a marina and more houses on both sides of the canal.

We head under a swing bridge and on towards Charleston where we see on our port side, the markers to the ocean, a cruise ship in the harbour, a tour boat.

Also beside this bridge is Naval ship aircraft carrier #10, the Yorktown.

So many fighter jets and aircraft on the ship.




We pull into the marina for fuel and man, the size of some of these yachts.

We drop anchor at 13:30 across from City Marina. Quite a current in here. After lunch, we drop the dinghy head ashore. Take a look at these bridges and the size of the dinghy for this yacht. Well, I guess it wouldn’t be called a dinghy.

This egret was perched atop the bow sprit on a yacht.

We docked the dinghy and was headed into the town but it started to rain. We decided to go back and saw a man throwing his net out for shrimp. He showed us the rocks all around the edge of the net and after you throw it out, you pull the string to loop it haul in your shrimp. He had a few in his bucket.

Yahoo, Ray and Esther got in contact and decided to come to Charleston and to stay on Amazing Grace overnight. The sun was setting after we dingied into the dock to meet them for supper. Magnolia’s was recommended by some locals and tourists that we met but was completely booked. We ate at a place called Blossum’s and when we came out, was surprised to see this on Ray’s rental. Guess we should of paid the $10 parking fee. After a 10 minute wait and $35.00 we were able to get back to the boat. Always an exciting time with the Gerard’s. 🙂

Today we travelled 32.2 nm.

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