November 9 Butler Island to Awendaw Creek SC Mile 430

It was a quiet night in here at the anchorage. A bit chilly this morning but the buddy heater did the trick warming us up. We weighed anchor at 07:20 and headed out. Shortly after I noticed something up in the tree. After several photos and looking through binoculars, we could see two bald eagles. You may have to zoom in a lot to see them but they are there. A couple of nests in a tree not far from them too.IMG_5252

IMG_5263That bridge that we had just gone under a little awhile ago, continues on the land and then over the water again.

There is quite a large marina here too. And maybe apartments or condos beside it.

There is quite a plant here in Georgetown.





There is a lot of dead wood in the canal today, have to be on the look out. Still no alligators though! But quite a handsome crane on the edge.

There may have been a ferry crossing here at one time, but we couldn’t see any ferry in sight now.IMG_5300

We passed a few of these lookouts today, some we think were fire lookouts.

And lately, we seem to see pelicans daily. And later on, another one. Not sure what these birds were after but all their fuss didn’t bother him as he lands and then stays there.

More cormorants and people out fishing.

The fishermen in the above centre photo were throwing some fish or shrimp back in the water and this pelican seemed to be anxious to get them.

We motor into the anchorage and raft beside Amazing Grace at 13:30. There were fishermen out here too with kayak type boats. More boats come in a few minutes later. It is a good anchorage here.

We changed the engine oil and filter, transmission fluid and air filter. Jim worked on installing his new pumps and Cheryl worked on her enclosure. We had coffee with them after supper, uploaded a blog and turned in. We could hear some shrimp crackling and snacking on Persuasion tonight too.

Today we travelled 33.3 nm.

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