November 8 Osprey Marina to Butler Island M 397

Wow, another beautiful sunrise this morning from the balcony. Ray and Esther, you guys will probably be glad to drop us off at our boat today as we are up way too early. Even Jim and Cheryl are early risers now with our push to get to Florida. But did Cheryl wake Jim up too early today. 🙂


We headed down to the breakfast buffet and then after visiting a bit, we got packed up to leave. It has been such a wonderful visit. Thank you Ray and Esther for being such giving, wonderful friends and sharing with us. Lots of memories to cherish.

We arrived back to the marina around 11:00 and after our farewells with Ray and Esther, got our boats ready to go. We shoved off the dock at 11:20 and headed back out the ICW.

We motored past the Bucksport Marina, which is also a RV park.

And later on, there are so many lily pads and the water is over 30 ft deep. There is a gentle rain falling by times now.

It is pretty along here.

And we heard some chatter on the radio that there are some abandoned rice fields in this area.




We notice that there seems to be a lot of spanish moss hanging off the trees around here.

And the length of a lot of these docks going to the homes. I guess this is a new one being built.

The rain has stopped as we head into our anchorage. We set the hook at 14:55. We watch a movie and after supper, we upload some photos.

Today we travelled 21.5 nm.

4 thoughts on “November 8 Osprey Marina to Butler Island M 397

  1. I am not sure why my comments don’t work but the second part of my post is missing, again…. Anyway I wanted to say that I am writing this on November 11 and I want you to know that I am thinking of your Dad, Mary Ellen. I hope he knows how much we appreciate his contribution to our GREAT country, xo


    1. Ahh, thanks Monica. It is a with a grateful heart that we remember all our veterans and all those still serving our country.


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