November 7 Myrtle Beach SC

What a great sunrise this morning. We watched it come up from the balcony. And the sound of the surf is fantastic.

We went down to the breakfast buffet after showering and what a great spread it was. What a way to start the day! Then we all piled into the van and took off for Walmart. The boys left us there while they went to Lowe’s. After coffee and a snack, we came back to the room and then all went for a walk on the beach. Today was not as warm as yesterday and it was quite windy but beautiful to feel the sun and sand.

Before going through the gate to the ocean, we gave our camera to a lady sitting by the pool to take our photo. A few minutes later, I went to take a shot and realized their was no card in it! Drats!! We did it again. Ray offered to go back to the room to get it while we kept walking. Esther and I bought some candy apples and we enjoyed them on our walk.

Mike and Ray found a kite laying on the beach so tried to get it in the air. Not too much luck though.

Of course, we saw little sandpipers again, along with seagulls and pigeons.

We walked and walked and talked and talked.

And walked and talked some more.

And some of us posed. Aren’t these two just so sweet? And yes, good one of you too, Jim.

We could also hear and see airplanes every few minutes as the airport is close by. They were so low and looked like they were landing right on the beach.

As we got close to the pier, we could see some horses on the beach. We went to talk to the owners and I wanted to get my photo with this friendly one, called Buddy. This shot is for you Tayton. To remind you of our “horsey” show Heartland that we like to watch together.

We stay at the pier for a little while watching the waves crash over the shore.

On our way back to the hotel, we notice this run off which along with the tide, causes some neat rows in the sand.

It was a great afternoon at the beach, not just for us but for others too. Looks like Ray seems to be enjoying the view of the ocean too. 😉

We came back and got into our suits. Ray and Jim played shuffleboard and then we go enjoy the hot tub for awhile.

We dress for dinner and go to an Italian restaurant and enjoy an excellent meal. Ray drives us around downtown a bit and then we head back to the room. We all visit for awhile and then head to bed. Listening to the ocean surf at night is very soothing. We have enjoyed a super fun filled day.

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