November 6 Shallotte Point, NC to Osprey Marina, ICW mile 373 SC

Well, it was a pretty good sleep on Persuasion at the dock last night, even though we could still hear the crackling of shrimp on the hull.

We were up early to upload a blog and saw that we had a nice sunrise and a lot of dew on the boat.

We snapped some photos of the restaurant before we left. If you ever find yourself this way, you should consider this place. I should have taken the camera when we went for supper last night. It was all wood floors, large timbers, wooden walls painted green and wooden ceilings painted bright pink, like the colour on the outside of the building. There was seating underneath on sand and then 2 more floors. The first one had a screened in porch and seating inside whole the top one had inside and open deck outside. We also see that they have a Shallotte Point shark tournament.

We motor along and not long after, come upon a large RV park and then on the other side, see lots of palm trees lining a walkway. The water this morning is so calm.

There are a few finger canals to the left which have homes lined on both sides with docks for their boats.

Man, this is a big marina with so many boats, 4 tier high. and then right beside it, we see Tow Boat US. We bought the insurance for Persuasion because we have heard stories of the outrageous price it costs if you need to call them.

IMG_4805At 08:35 we crossed into Little River, South Carolina. And one of the first things we see is a floating casino and then a tour boat.

We pass by the Myrtle Beach Yacht Club and rows of town houses or condos.

We head under the Barefoot swing bridge and notice a hurricane regulation sign.

Mike notices some cables overhead in the distance and as we get closer, see a golf course on the right and just past the building, we can see the cables are for gondolas that go from that side over to all the eateries and plaza on the left side of the canal. Really neat, none were crossing at the time though.

Lots more fancy houses. And would you look at that retaining wall on this mansion that is being built.

Heading on down the canal, we spot lots of cranes ahead and see that a bridge will be built. Right now they have built a structure just to hold all their machines.

At 13:45, we head into the Osprey marina for fuel and decide to take a dock for a couple of days so we can spend some time with Ray and Esther. They arrived in Myrtle Beach early this afternoon. It is a very nice marina with a great welcome package and even golf carts to use around the property. We take one over to Amazing Grace after we get tied up and go by these neat bird houses.

L5044It is really warm out today and there are so many little salamanders scurrying around. Jim tells us that Ray and Esther are on their way to pick us up for supper. They are only 20 minutes or so away from here. It is so good to see them and they actually want us to bring clothes to spend a couple days with them at Myrtle Beach on the ocean! They have a suite with 2 beds and a Murphy bed and have a van rented. How great are these guys? We will get a bathtub and a real toilet. šŸ™‚ Yippee, life is good!

So, we leave the marina and Ray takes us to a great restaurant for supper. We get to the resort and all head down to the hot tub, lazy river and pool outside. Still very warm out, with a full moon and you can hear the surf from the ocean. We spent the rest of the evening visiting and laughing. what a great day.

Today we travelled 38.5 nm.

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