November 5 Wrightsville Beach NC to Shallotte Point NC

It was very quiet in here last night. And this morning was really not too cold. Jim came over early for coffee. Mike and I spent the first part of our day going through photos from yesterday and working on the blog. Meanwhile Cheryl started working on her enclosure. We weighed anchor and headed out at 09:15. We decided not to go outside today and motored over to get back onto the ICW

We see many different types of houses today.

Our route today included the ICW to Carolina Beach through the cut to the Cape Fear river to Southport and back into the ditch (ICW).

We see men working and some fishing. These ones could either fish on the other side in the ocean or in this side in the inlet.

We saw lots of pelicans and not sure what these white birds are and of course, we always see a heron.

Carolina Beach is a pretty little place and so many boats moored there.

We went under the bridge through the cut and saw lots more men out fishing and we see a massive home with a 5 car garage.

Once out in the Cape Fear river, we see signs warning that there is a restricted area.

Then we notice container loading terminals that are also in the restricted area.

We saw a couple of ferry’s crossing too.




Heading into Southport we notice that they have a large marina.

Now, under a bridge and back into the ICW where we catch yet some more people out fishing. This one brings their dog along. Later, we see this guy trawling a net, going from side to side.  We ask him what he is trawling for and he said “shrimp”.

Mike noticed this boat tied up to the pilings. And later on, we notice this abandoned boat and dock.

At 16:15, we call it a day and tie up at a dock beside the Inlet Bar & Grill. You can dock for free if you eat in the restaurant. It was great food and a bright looking place with lots of southern hospitality. We planned our next day with Jim and Cheryl on Persuasion. While planning, we could hear a noise of something scratching or clicking. Finally, Jim realized what it was from when they heard it on Amazing Grace (while on their trip coming home from Florida where they bought her) It is shrimp gnawing on the bottom of the boat! The current in here is really strong. Seemed like a very long day. Tomorrow we hope to be in south Carolina.

Today we travelled 40.9 nm.

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