November 3 Morehead City to Harbor Village Marina Hampstead NC

My goodness, it was cold this morning. Mike was up at 05:30 and started the portable heater and got the coffee going. Our first thoughts were of our beautiful daughter, Rebecca who turns 28 today. Happy Birthday to you across the pond, Perky Bird! Hope we can face time today. XO

When we weighed anchor this morning at 06:35, it was 10 C out in our enclosure this morning. I had to wear my heavy coat, gloves and even my Armani toque that Grammie Pat gave me this summer when we were there. Thanks, I knew it would come in handy!

It was so cold that for a long time, I didn’t even snap any photos. Finally the enclosure that Mike calls our “little cocoon” warmed up.

Today we saw alot of beautiful homes again.

We had the jib out a bit today and the current was working in our favour for quite awhile. One of the highlights today was seeing dolphins playing in the water. Once when I was snapping photos, I was surprised to see one swimming right beside the boat. So surprised that I couldn’t snap it fast enough.

And not long after, we came upon some more.

Another thing of interest today was meeting a convoy of U.S. Navy boats. There were six of them and they motored quickly by us.

We motored by a large sign that read Danger Live Fire Range.

On the other side of the canal we see what looks like old abandoned military vehicles that could have been used in training exercises we guessed. Right along here the Captain asked Amazing Grace if the marker they just passed was out of position. He replied no as he passed it on the wrong side and was quickly aground. He shouldn’t feel bad as about an hour later someone else ran aground. We heard chatter on the radio that it was marking a lost tank.

Further down we some military out in the fields.




And across the canal, some more.

Some fishermen out today too. Looks like this guy likes to bring someone along with him. Take a closer look on the right.



And then there are some on big boats.

We continue along and certainly have no problem noticing this house surrounded by palm trees.

We would have had an hour wait for a swing bridge to open but luckily a barge with a U.S. Coast Guard tug was just a few minutes behind us so they opened it.

We wanted to get fuel today and the bridge operator told us the marina closes at 16:30 but if we called ahead they may stay open for us. They did and we motored in around 17:20.



Beautiful in here and after fueling and finding out that there were no anchorages close by, we decided to stay here on the dock tonight. Very nice manager here and the facilities so clean.

The manager told us about a pizza place close by that delivers so we ordered in for the night. Got to Facetime Becca for her birthday and some others. Planned our route for tomorrow and uploaded another blog. It was a long day and this time change sure makes one tired. Bright early mornings but dark early nights.

Today we travelled 54.5 nm.

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