November 2 Oriental NC to Morehead City NC

Cold, Cold, Cold! Wowzers, it is sure cold this morning, We ran our little electric heater last night and again this morning as Persuasion was plugged in at the dock.
We could hear the wind howling through the night and Mike had to get up once to check on the dinghy. We were glad to be safe in here where it is more protected.

We woke up at 06:00 remembering that the clocks fell back last night and had changed automatically on Mike’s watch. He started the coffee while I went up to start my laundry. Not raining anymore and the sun was out. Not much warmth in it though.

After breakfast and loading up the blog, we started zippering our enclosure back on and taking off lines. The marina manager said that out on the ocean side the winds were still 45-50 miles/hr and waves were 23 feet. Sure glad we would be on the ICW today. Some boaters were staying put today, mostly because of the cold.

We were off the dock at 09:45 and headed out the Neuse river. It was choppy and a bit rough for about an hour. Winds were NW 20-25, gusting to 35 kn. It was a little less wavy in the Adams Creek. And a bonus of about a 2 kn current which gave us a push.


When we entered the Adams Creek canal, we were still getting a push from the current and that continued for awhile.



More beautiful properties along Core creek.

Quite the contrast with these two houses.

We pass a marina on our starboard side and then look to the port and see this neat name on a fishing boat.

Also on our port side we see that we could buy a boat slip with a lift for a mere $75,000. Photo is a bit blurry but wanted to add it along with the photo of the slips.



A few boat yards along here as well.

And a few minutes later we see My Marilyn tied up to a slip. We had seen her docked in Annapolis. Quite the contrast from the little work boat on the other side of the canal.

As we are motoring along, we see some sandy beaches with lots of trees that have blown down. After we go under the bridge and lift railway bridge on the Newport river, we see a potash plant and a navy ship.

We get into Moorhead City and drop the anchor in the bay across from the restaurant at 13:25. Very windy and cold here.

We spent the afternoon resting, blogging and had Jim and Cheryl over for taco’s tonight. Don’t you wish you were here, Mike and Doreen? 🙂 We picked up some free wifi with our wifi booster but it was very spotty. Winds died down after supper. We heard from Ray and Esther who will be in Myrtle Beach on Thursday. We hope to be there then, if not, then the next day.

Today we travelled 22.6 nm.

4 thoughts on “November 2 Oriental NC to Morehead City NC

    1. Glad to hear you are not sick of taco’s on Persuasion. Thanks, it is hard to pick sometimes what photos make the blog. Some days there are lots and lots of to choose from.


  1. Mike ‘n May
    I check in on your posts regularly. (Vicarious sailing)
    I can’t decide between whether I really respect and envy your excellent adventure or that you two are lunatics. Let’s stay with the first option.
    Keep those posts coming, the rest of us can only dream………..
    God bless you and be safe.


    1. Hey Lee….we may be a little both of both. lol Anyway, just taking it day by day and enjoying. Thanks for following our adventure. We will be leaving Persuasion in Florida for a month while we drive home for Christmas. Not sure where yet but I’m sure it will all come together as we get there. In south Carolina right now. Say hi to Jane.


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