November 1 Oriental marina awaiting storm

Well last night was a good night on our anchor but tonight may be a problem! It is giving up to 50mile/hr winds. We were up by 07:00 and had to light our Mr. Heater Portable Buddy, our little propane heater. That took the chill off. After breakfast Mike lowered the dinghy and dingied over to Amazing Grace to get Jim. They went up to the marina to see if there would be slips we could get for tonight. They had one for Jim on the wall and one for us up close to the marina. They moved Amazing Grace over, then came back for Persuasion. We were all settled in by 10:30. We got a shot of this boat on the way to the marina. A fishing boat named for my brother in law. Maybe you should buy it for him, Sue. A couple of ducks like to hang around here too.

Nice marina here. Pool, Laundromat, showers with clean towels, complimentary soaps and shampoo. There are also some hotel rooms and privately owned condos too.

The Toucan Bar & Grill is here and here’s some more shots of the marina.

Apparently last night the marina had a pumpkin carving contest and tonight they will judge them for prizes. There will be a costume ball and a live band performing tonight under the tent. We also met their resident cat, Eisenhower.

We are close to the main street here across from the Bean Cafe and a gift store and of course lots of fishing boats around too.

After lunch, we walked up town to the Walmart Express, about a mile away. It is cold today, only in the low 50’s F. Along the way, we stopped at a consignment shop, hardware store and a West Marine Express. We have noticed these trees a lot. First ones we saw were in Annapolis and have seen more in Virginia and here. When we saw it in the pouring rain in Annapolis, it almost looked like it was camouflaged. And we saw our first palm tree today. Well looked like some kind of palm tree to us anyway. It may not be the palm trees that you are waiting for Doreen. I am waiting to see streets lined with them.:)

The Walmart and West Marine are smaller stores but have most everything. Well, the Walmart was basically a grocery store but had a small pharmacy. We met a man at the consignment store who we had first met in Lunenburg and then in Bridgewater when we stayed there overnight at his home yacht club.

We wanted to get to these places and back before the rain started. A lady saw the guys walking with our carts and offered us a ride. We loaded the carts in the trunk and Cheryl and I took the ride. The boys had to stop at the hardware store again so they continued walking. The rain started shortly after. Jim and Cheryl met us around 17:00 and we went to the Toucan Grill. We had heard from our check out guy and a lady at Walmart that it was good, reasonably priced food and they were right.

The wind had come up by the time we left the restaurant and headed over to our boat. Our extra lines were secure and we had taken off most of the enclosure, just leaving the bimini and dodger on. The winds were up to 25-30 kn when we turned in. The band was playing almost across from Persuasion but they were done by 23:00. Sounded like they had a good turnout for such a rainy, cold night. Hoping to get outta dodge tomorrow if the weather cooperates.

4 thoughts on “November 1 Oriental marina awaiting storm

  1. That definitely qualifies as your first palm tree. 🙂

    It is turning colder here and we have had our first dusting of snow on Oct. 31. The almanac
    is predicting a long cold winter here with lots of snow. Mike is excited. Me- not so much.


  2. Booked our flights last night!!!!! Can’t wait it see you all!!! Gonna be fun! We better rent a big vehicle to fit all 6 of us eh!!! Love you guys!!! We will be arriving Thursday ; see ya on Friday!!!!

    Lots of love ! Ray and Esther


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