October 30 Mile 100 ICW to Belhaven

Well the calm waters in the photos of the evening before would sure have shown a different picture in the night. The wind came up and around 00:30 it was howling and we were rolling around. Mike and Jim were radioing back and forth. We set the anchor alarm and were up for awhile. Around 02:00, it settled down but started back up again before dawn.

IMG_3655It was windy when Mike pulled up the anchor and we left the anchorage at 07:30. Other boaters were heading out too. We noticed these trees right out in the middle of the Alligator river.

We were out of the wind once we got into the Alligator river-Pungo river canal. There seemed to be a convoy headed down the canal.


It was a warm fall day and we kept motoring on seeing the reflection of the trees and swamp grass in the still waters.

We head under a bridge and keep on moving. As the Captain says, “it may all look the same but it’s part of the adventure”.


There are some homes along the way. Check out this house with the old car on the property.

Some of the homes are on stilts and all have retaining walls.

Soon we are out of the canal and into the Pungo river. We roll out the jib and sail along, turning the motor off and enjoying the quietness.

We set the hook around 13:15. Shortly after we went over to the dinghy dock with Jim and Cheryl and walked up to the grocery store. Quite a little walk too. We met a couple of other boaters who are also on their way south. One couple was telling us that a trawler who was in our anchorage last night had to get a tow boat to take him off the rocks this morning. It sure was a bad night in there.

On our way to the store, we saw and heard these birds up in the tree. We think they are turkey vultures.

We ate supper in town and on our way back we saw this little cafe. Quite a neat name on it. Jim and Cheryl came over for coffee in the evening and we planned our route for the next day.

Today we travelled 32.6 nm.

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