October 29 Mile 50 ICW to Mile 100 ICW

A nice quiet night and beautiful sky this morning at sunrise. Jim came over for a coffee and Cheryl cut Mike’s hair before we left the anchorage at 07:45.

Around 10:30, we heard a loud noise overhead and saw this plane coming at us. Turns out it was a Coast Guard plane.

He circled quite a few times. He was pretty close.

Around 12:30 we headed in to Alligator River marina for Amazing Grace to get fuel and then we went through the Alligator River bridge.

This bridge opens on demand when hailed and they try to get as many boats through so as not to back traffic up.

The afternoon brought SW winds of 15-20 and gusting to 25 so we had the jib out . We heard a very loud noise, so scary. I was sure something was coming down on Persuasion. Turned out it was a fighter jet. A few more went over but were going far too quickly to get a shot. We anchored at 16:15, a few more boats are in here. We had supper and watched the sun go down on calm waters. Heard a few more jets in the evening as well.

Today we travelled 41.0 nm.

6 thoughts on “October 29 Mile 50 ICW to Mile 100 ICW

  1. My goodness , the sunset pictures are out of this world.I love the last one with the boat in the sunset. you will have quite a collection of sunsets to chose to put on your wall at home.


  2. Oh yes we had quite a bunch of little ones out for candy last night. There sure were some good costumes. Little skunks and little lion etc.. We figured we had 70 kids.


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