October 28 Portsmouth to Mile 50 ICW

We set the alarm and got up before the sun was even up. We weighed anchor at 07:00 and headed over to the marina gas dock for diesel and water. Then we motored on down to Mile 0 to start our trek down the ICW with lots of bridges to get under.IMG_3543

Just before going under this bridge, we see a navy ship.

More lift bridges and dredgers.

And some canal front condos.

We had one lock today. Jim got a photo of Persuasion and other boats going into the lock. Water only went up a foot and it was a pretty little place.

And another lift bridge with a neat little resale shop on one side and a beautiful cenotaph on the other.

We see some boats along side, an aluminium one and the next one is a beauty. And we notice a lawn filled with Canada Geese that are following us south.

We go through a swing bridge, past more barges and stumps along the canal. Jim got a photo of Persuasion motoring down the ICW.

This beautiful home had an inground pool and their own docks and then a little while later we come upon what may have been a restaurant or a convenience store with a dock. Both the building and boat are now abandoned.

This is quite the nest here on the poles. And yes, there are still some traps around and we see more fishermen out. As of 15:00 we have left Virginia and are now in North Carolina.



We pass by a lot of boats and trawlers that were ahead of us and see they are tied up for the night by the Coinjock marina.

We motor on and shortly after 18:00 we pull off into a quiet place for the night. Amazing Grace sets her anchor and we raft beside. We visit with them a little while after supper and make contact with Ray and Esther who will be driving down to visit all of us soon. It will be great to see them. It is a calm peaceful night with a beautiful sunset.

Today we travelled 50.2 nm.

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